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The joys of November

Herewith the usual humble cringing puppy-dog eyes apologies for the last fortnight silence: yep, I’ve been having a bit of a crap time [read: seriously scary and horrible and agonising pain episodes], spending WAY too much time in bed writhing and screaming in pain, and just feeling fundamentally vile because all I have in my gut is loads of heavy duty drugs and maybe an apple or so and it is churning around in a most disconcerting manner. Meantime the weather has been totally weird, humid and stormy then cold and fine then stormy again then hot then sudden rains . . . No wonder my body is writing outraged letters of complaint to the Chief Editor. Bleh.


November has really been pretty spectacular IF you overlook all the shite stuff, which I will proceed to do.

First off, books began arriving in the mail in dribbles and drabbles, from The Book Depository, and Fountain Books in Virginia, USA, and also from Paul Kidby / Sir Terry Pratchett. MEGA-W0000000000T!!!

I do have a major beef with The Book Depository, with their system of packaging up one book at a time instead of the whole lot or even a few in one corrugated cardboard envelope. I mean, presumably someone somewhere is trudging around a warehouse with an electronic pad thingy and a trolley, putting my order together. Why the fuck can they not be a wee bit more organised? ARGH. Okay so it’s about shipping costs blah blah blah but . . . It is an insult to my greenie leftie femmo bitch self over such a waste of materials.

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Watching; Listening [30 October 2011]


Pirates Of The Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides  [BLU-RAY]

American Dad:  Season 5

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Listening to:

Laura Marling  -–  I Speak Because I Can

Fave tracks  –-  Hope In The Air;  Goodbye England  [Covered In Snow]

Stornoway  -–  Beachcomber’s Windowsill

Fave tracks  —  Zorbing; I Saw You Blink

Coldplay  —  Mylo Xyloto

We only bought the CD a couple of days ago, but I’m enjoying it enormously so far.  Better than Viva La Vida which did not grab me at all.  Chris Martin’s voice has really matured, the tone and timbre have got much more depth, yet he can still go very light and high;  a pretty good range for a “rock” singer.  There’s a lot of Celtic-y themes which obviously I like, but there’s also a lot of electronic and U2-ish thrashy guitar.  Very eclectic, which again I like.

Fave track so far  —  Paradise

Watching: Doctor Who [Series 5]

I adore Doctor Who;  I have been watching since 1976 [my eldest brother used to hide behind the sofa – WUSS].  Tom Baker was definitely my favourite Doctor, but I found Doctor # 7 played by Sebastian McCoy and his companion Ace [Sophie Aldred] really engaging.  They were in the very last three-episode story-arc of Doctor Who called “Survival” in 1989, before the BBC finally pulled the plug after 25 years.

The return of Doctor Who in 2005 was wonderful, and the series so far have been consistently good and living up to the iconic nature of the show.  Of course there have been grumbles about things “not being like they used to be” but generally I find the show works better in its 45 minute format [as opposed to 25 minute episodes] and general improvements in special effects, costuming etc.  The aliens are still basically men in rubber or metal suits though, just as in 1976;  there’s something very comforting about that.

I wasn’t sure I would like the Eleventh Doctor [Matt Smith], in fact I was decidedly against the idea of using such a young actor – over 10 years younger than David Tennant*.  However thanks to the ABC I’ve been able to get to know and like this young, cheeky boy; he’s definitely growing on me.   The first episode’s minor “glitches” could mostly be put down to a) canonical issues with the Doctor’s personality et al arising from his latest regeneration; and / or b) growing pains.

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Listening to . . .

Massive Attack – Collected

Movie review: AVATAR

Sometime last month [I think, the days and weeks have been doing that blurring-into-each-other thing; not even having the decency to do any exciting whirling movie montages or pages flying off a calendar.  Just same old same old] Tux and I went to see Avatar

We went a few weeks after its release, so had read the reviews – the good and the bad, all the “Dancing With Smurfs” analogies, so I had fairly unbiased expectations either way, aside from a) a concern that Avatar would prove beyond doubt that James Cameron could no longer make movies as he used to [Aliens, Terminator and T2; let’s just ignore Titanic, okay?] and b) my nausea and vertigo might have “issues” with the 3D; I even had a plastic puke bucket handy, but in the event I had no difficulties at all. 

But oh oh OH!  What a spectacular Avatar proved to be!  Not only the awesome art direction and fabulous world building, but also the characterisation, the story and the messages / analogies / allegories within it.

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