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Taking such a long break from blogging was not something I wanted to do. Circumstances forced it upon me, as I’ve said before, because of health issues blah-di-blah. It’s also why I’m posting so often now – and drafting, making notes and planning other posts – because I can.

This is actually very difficult for me to write about. My personal bête noir, my health. I don’t like talking about it for so many reasons, the main ones being:

  • it is pretty fecking boring;
  • it’s difficult trying to explain it without sounding like I’m feeling all sorry for myself, whingeing and whining, no matter how factual I try to be;
  • I’m a very private and introverted person, and it’s kind of been drilled into me [via my rather oppressive upbringing, and various unpleasant life experiences] not to divulge or share such information – let alone talk about my feelings; and
  • the medical issues are kind of complicated.

See, I have several different disorders / diseases, and each one by itself can have a major detrimental impact on a person’s physical health and quality of life. In my case they have a cumulative effect, intertwining and snowballing all the “original” symptoms and issues.

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Regression ???

[  On feeling like I’m becoming younger, more naïve, losing myself . . . YES !!!  Time travel exists! ]

I turned 42 some months back – yep, I am middle-aged [no grey hairs and hardly any wrinkles yet though].  I don’t feel it;  but then, who really does feel their precise chronological age?  Ask any 78 year old woman how old she feels, and she’ll say 26.  Albeit 26 with a bad hip and a bunch of metal pins in her spine, and maybe a few life lessons learned, but still my mum M  —  I mean that woman still feels 26 in her core self.

I would have said 26 too – with a super-sizing of back pain and life lessons!

However . . .

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