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Beauty blurb – March 2012

I’m a beauty junkie in thought if not in deed – being of considerable desires, but almost non-existent budget!  However if I save up and budget extra carefully I can sometimes, sometimes not, wring out a hundred dollars or so per month for “play money””.

Much strategic planning goes into distribution of said funds, but it tends to go on books or make up.  Budget-wise, my skin care requirements are “must haves”.  My routine is pretty basic, I use one jar of product [eg, “night cream”] at a time until used up, and I don’t use luxe brands [*le sigh*].  Body care products are purchased at the very high-end Ligne de Prix [aka “Priceline” in bastardised French, heh].

Here’s a few bits n pieces I’ve bought over the last couple of months. I’m really pleased with them which = definite re-purchase and / or add to collection.

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Fairy floss

Well, given the last post was kinda heavy – and there will be other “heavy” posts to come as I bare my soul a little bit –  I figure a bit of light relief is called for, a little levity, something light-hearted.

Yep, time to talk politics.

JUST KIDDING !!!  Feck I worked for State politics for several years and it was terribly dispiriting to an idealistic kid [yeah, at 21+ I was still definitely a kid].

My gorgeous friend K started her own blog up again – The Pink Powderpuff – a few weeks ago and has been posting about the most gorgeous goodies in make up, skin care, and candles which are her passion.  K is totally pink-obsessed, and her alter ego is Miss Piggy, so don’t mess with her!  Pink feather boas and karate chops rule!

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DIOR, Stila

For my birthday my parents, brothers, and in-laws gave me money and gift cards to spend – very specifically – on fun stuff for myself.  “Fun stuff” being girly stuff like make up and skin care.  I was really excited and keen to get shopping as there were a number of items – as always! – on  one of my exhaustive lists . . . but Life [with a capital P for pain, and H for health shite] got in the way.

Last week was the first time I’d managed to get into town [well, out of bed, dressed, made up, and into town] for weeks and fecking weeks, and I had a few definite items in mind;  lines of attack if you like heh.

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New make up stuff

We all know about my ever-enduring love of all things MAC Cosmetics.  We also know that an anal-retentive uber-list-maker like me will have a looong wish list of MAC items.  Starting with loads of delicious eye shadows to pop into the MAC PRO 15-Pan eye shadow palettes I’ll be getting later this year.  Greens, blues, greys/monos, purples, neutrals . . . there is so much choice at MAC.  Not to mention the thrill of the hunt for past Limited Edition shades!  I would also like to pick up a few more lipsticks and lipglasses [oh so delicious!] and beauty powders / highlighters this year as my collection is pretty bare in that department.

Here’s what I have saved up for and bought with great excitement so far.

There were a couple of collections in January but I was only caught by Love Lace.  I managed to hold back and picked up only two eye shadows;  Hypnotizing, a sort of frosty grey-mauve and the eponymous Love Lace, a heavenly smooth mid greyed-out blue in my favourite MAC eye shadow formula Veluxe Pearl, which is pretty much what it says on the label, luxe and pearly.  While I was shopping online [] I got two eye shadows from the permanent collection – in Electra, an icy silver-grey, and  Knight Divine, a smooth dark grey with silver pearl.  All four of these shades lend themselves really well to a variety of smoky blue-grey eye looks, both subtle daytime and more intense dramatic night time combos.

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Commence Operation “Reduce Elephant”

Way back when I was diagnosed with The Collection, an intense, varied exercise regime became an important part of my life.  Hydrotherapy, weight training, cardio, boxing, Pilates and yoga, core work and resistance exercises;  I was at the gym four times a week.  And I loved it.  Suddenly I turned from a tiny weak weed to a tiny buff and muscle-y dynamo – I even earned the nickname ”Pocket Rocket” at my workplace.   

[When I met Tuxedo I looked like a Mini-Me version of Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2,  right down to the black combat pants and tank-top, but sans uzi.]

Over the years of course, my health and thus my routine had their ups and downs, but I always managed to keep some kind of exercise going.  Even when the situation got really bad – like last year where thankfully I had Tux around to look after me so I didn’t have to be hospitalised for months –  I managed to do daily stretches, leg lifts, sit ups, push ups, basic Pilates core work and resistance stuff.

At the start of this year, after The Year Of The Shite, I knew I had to get some serious informed physical therapy and rehabilitation to get me back on my feet.    But that wasn’t the only obstacle I faced . . .

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MAC birthday makeover

For my birthday this year Tuxedo was stuck for ideas – which has to be the first time ever! – and came to me for advice.  I decided I’d like a bit of girliness; some pretty shiny new skin care products and a MAC makeover, including a bunch of products.  Tuxedo was more than happy with  this idea; he figured I needed some pampering and pretty stuff after the previous few months of blah (which continued for a while afterward, but the birthday really cheered me up).

I’m pretty low maintenance in my skin care routine – oh I do all the cleansing and serums and moisturisers and sunscreen – but once I find a set of products I really like I tend to stick with them, and not try others that might be just as good.  This is mostly down to budgetary means; I don’t have the budget / finances to play around, so for my birthday I wanted to get a few “extras” to add into my bag o’ stuff.  Me being me, naturally I did lots of research, much making of lists, culling down of list, more research etc etc (“Hello, my name is Jules, and I’m anal retentive”).

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Compliment of the year?

I think I had the best compliment on my looks, precisely one week before my fortieth birthday.

Please note:  I was wearing spectacles, barely any make up, just eye liner and mascara, a bit of powder and a slick of lip gloss.  Hair loose and half way down my back.  Pretty much screamed WYSIWYG basically.

* * * * * * * * *

So there I was at the Chanel counter in David Jones, spraying on Chanel’s “Coco Mademoiselle” with growing certainty that this was the new scent for me.

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Make up, she wrote – Part II

Herewith Part II of the post on my absolute favourite can’t-live-without cosmetic products.  Part I was all about the face – concealer, foundations, powder, blush and highlighters.  I continue on with eyes, lips and make up tools.


Mascara:  Max Factor Masterpiece MAX Mascara  [Black]  [I believe this is called Lash Perfection in the USA]

I’m addicted to thick, curly, blacker-than-black lashes.  As I was blessed at birth with white-blond eyelashes [admittedly long and curly], mascara is a necessity lest I look like the White Rabbit.  I also wear contact lenses and have medium-sensitive eyes, so it’s essential to find products that don’t contain nylon fibres which happily flake into the eyes all day long, a formula that doesn’t glug into the eyes, get absorbed by the lens and result in blurry cloudy eyesight – not to mention the risk of bacteria and infection.  Mmm conjunctivitis.  Maybelline Full & Soft and DIOR Diorshow were my favourite mascaras for ages but they weren’t perfect

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Make up, she wrote – Part I

It’s hardly a secret here that I love love love make up and skin care, playing with powders and paints and ever-so-pretty colours [am such a kid].   Conversely, I have zero interest in fashion or clothing beyond adequate coverage of my cute self, which is kinda weird.  And as for hair – well, I’m a wash n wear girl, no product overload and flat-ironing or what-have-you for me.  Just the make up and lotions and potions, please and thank you.

I was a late developer in the area of make up as in many others [puberty at 16?] which meant I bypassed some of the less fortunate aspects of the 1980s, heavy stripes of unblended blue and pink eye shadow, white lipstick and goopy cheap lip gloss.  When I was ready to get into make up and skin care, I went straight for the good stuff and learnt how to apply it correctly.

My tastes and preferences have changed over the years, but my basic policy remains the same.  I spend my money carefully regardless of brand name and hype;  I keep my “collection” minimal;  and I am beyond sceptical when it comes to outrageous advertorial claims by cosmetic companies.  I’m loyal to lines that deserve it by being tops in quality.  I don’t mind the spend so long as I get good bang for my buck.  So to speak. 

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Product reviews – Skin care – Body

So continuing on in girly vein, here’s a few reviews of my favourite products for skin care – body.  I have a very basic routine and set of products from which I rarely deviate.  I have very sensitive skin [of course I do] that’s inclined to get horridly itchy and dry, due mostly to the large doses of morphine and other delightful prescription medications I have to take.  So even though I occasionally long for all those pretty- pretty bottles full of beautifully scented bath and shower delights [L’Occitane and Origins, I’m looking at you, you bastards, why do you have to use SLSs and parabens and all that gross stuff?] I don’t purchase them because I know too well how unfortunate the results will be, and how long my skin will take to recover. Continue reading