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Sitrep = Mar 2012

Okay okay so it’s been a while.  I’ve been somewhat busy – well,  occupied anyway! – and I’m trying to get out of my penchant for writing War And Peace length blog posts  [NB:  I said trying . . . it might take a while before I figure this out] so here is a bullet-point summary :-

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The joys of November

Herewith the usual humble cringing puppy-dog eyes apologies for the last fortnight silence: yep, I’ve been having a bit of a crap time [read: seriously scary and horrible and agonising pain episodes], spending WAY too much time in bed writhing and screaming in pain, and just feeling fundamentally vile because all I have in my gut is loads of heavy duty drugs and maybe an apple or so and it is churning around in a most disconcerting manner. Meantime the weather has been totally weird, humid and stormy then cold and fine then stormy again then hot then sudden rains . . . No wonder my body is writing outraged letters of complaint to the Chief Editor. Bleh.


November has really been pretty spectacular IF you overlook all the shite stuff, which I will proceed to do.

First off, books began arriving in the mail in dribbles and drabbles, from The Book Depository, and Fountain Books in Virginia, USA, and also from Paul Kidby / Sir Terry Pratchett. MEGA-W0000000000T!!!

I do have a major beef with The Book Depository, with their system of packaging up one book at a time instead of the whole lot or even a few in one corrugated cardboard envelope. I mean, presumably someone somewhere is trudging around a warehouse with an electronic pad thingy and a trolley, putting my order together. Why the fuck can they not be a wee bit more organised? ARGH. Okay so it’s about shipping costs blah blah blah but . . . It is an insult to my greenie leftie femmo bitch self over such a waste of materials.

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Help somebody

Brenna Yovanoff is one of my favourite new-found writers. I have always loved the Fantasy and Urban Fantasy genres, and I enjoy the YA entries into that pool.  There are probably a couple of blurbs / reviews of Urban Fantasy / YA books on this blog. My Books Wish List has kind of exploded recently . . . and the price of books in Australia is ridiculous!  [Riddikulus! even]

Brenna is part of the Merry Sisters Of Fate group with Tessa Gratton and Maggie Stiefvater. It was via my somewhat fan-girly love of Maggie S. that I discovered Brenna and Tessa, was captivated by their writing, and overcame my long-time dislike of short stories in the process!  I have since ordered books by Brenna – The Replacement, and The Space Between is being published in November – and Tessa’s Blood Magic.  I can’t wait to get my fuzzy little paws on them, along with Maggie’s just-released The Scorpio Races.  Truly an embarrassment of riches! There will be blurbs [and going by my recent BookDep order – see previous post – and others in the queue, there will be LOTS of blurbs].

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Anyways, this is actually an entry for a contest for Brenna’s new book The Space Between, about Daphne, the daughter of fallen angel Lucifer and demon Lilith, who leaves  her home in the city of Pandemonium [in what is essentially Hell] to rescue her brother Obie who has somehow gone missing whilst doing good works on Earth.  One of the main themes of The Space Between, says Brenna, is “helping people who just aren’t in a position to help themselves.”

The contest then is “ . . . to tell a Good Samaritan story; when someone helped you, and they didn’t have to; or maybe, when you helped someone when you could tell they needed it . . . ”

I could just outline what Tux does for me every single day, especially the really, really, REALLY bad days, but I’d rather not, for this.  Instead I give a very little story, no drama, maybe everyone has done the same, maybe it is trivial,; yet it was something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, and even if it’s a small thing it still is meaningful and important.

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. . . And back again

Well guess what, after dumping “Otterkat” and moving over to “Crazy Diamond”, then going on a very long hiatus, I’ve decided to start up the old bloggy thing again. I have been so inspired by various writers, blogs and sites around [I’m looking at YOU, Maggie Stiefvater], that I wanted an online place to ramble, and basically lay my hat.

The site will be going through a bit of redesign, and I’ll be playing around with categories and stuff; to begin with I’ve imported all the drivel posts from Crazy Diamond so everything is here in one place. So yes, there’s plenty needs doing, but I wanted to START. So here goes.

Please note . . .

I have added new Categories of my favourite links, over on the left there,  including; = =  Blogs,  Food,  Horse,  Make Up Etc.,  Online Shopping and  Resources.

Please have a bit of browse.  You know, if you feel so inclined.  There might be something there to pique your interest.


Given that most of 2009 was just a blur for me, of horrendous “curled up in foetal position sobbing” pain, some frankly frightening moments, and my need for nursing and care, it was kind of handy that Tuxedo was around to provide that care and support, saving me from several months of hospitalisation, and generally be the amazing supportive and caring partner he is.

Perhaps not so fortunate were the circumstances that led to him being able to spend all that time with me;  he was made redundant back in April 2009 and despite all best efforts, has been unable to find another position.

The redundancy did come as a shock;  he walked in early Monday morning and half an hour, whilst half way through his daily report his boss tapped him on the shoulder.  Half an hour after that he was all packed up and being escorted from the building.  I should note that he was escorted not because he was raving and throwing punches; it is standard procedure for IT guys as if left unsupervised after being treated so despicably, they can do a LOT of damage to the business, with just a few keystrokes*.

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Crazy Diamond 101


Otterkat is now officially my old blog:   Crazy Diamond is where I post everything now.  You can still check out old Otterkat posts though (if you are bored enugh …) ;  it’s there linked in my blogroll.

  * * * * * * * * *

So here’s the thing;  Otterkat wasn’t working that well for me.  I wasn’t posting much at all because I was self-censoring.  Entries just didn’t gel or meld in with the rest of the “style” in fact there was no “style” or over-arching thematic structure or somesuch shite.  Yes I’m eclectic but there was happy horsie stuff and recipes and girly entries, mixed in with manic rants and depressing and introspective posts.  The health issue ie The Collection was the major problem;  if I blogged daily it would be “Tuesday:  screaming pain.  Wednesday:  screaming pain, puking.  Thursday:  screaming pain, puking, vertigo, fuck I’m fed up.”  That would get somewhat monotonous, I believe.

To that end I’ve split Otterkat into two, one part remaining as Otterkat, which will comprise the lighter side, viz a viz entries on horses, kittens, make up and skin care and other female stuff, cooking, books, rainbows and butterflies and unicorns / pegasi et al.

 The other part is this, Crazy Diamond, named after the Pink Floyd song and the lyric of which (“Shine on you crazy diamond”) Tux had laser engraved on my iPod, from which one surmises that the “crazy diamond” is me, and “shining on” is me trying to get through the days as a physically disabled, emotionally / mentally complex, slightly bitter mess.

Sooooo here is where you will find the existential manic rants, the whinge-ing and the majority of swear words.  There will of course be hiatuses (hiati?) and I will not apologise for those.  That gets really, really boring; anyway Tux is trying very hard to train me out of apologising all the damn time so this here may be a good place to practice.

I’m hoping the actual writing and externalising of all the crap will help keep my head together.  I’m also hoping that it will act as a starting point from which to connect and network with and create a support structure with other people sort-of-kinda-ish like me;  disabled / restricted / just a bit messed up who want to be identified as far, far more than the sum of their circumstances, who are wrestling with the usual human daily problems and minutiae as well as the big-picture stuff. 

What that all really means I don’t know yet.  I don’t know if it will work but I know that I need an outlet for some of the issues I’m struggling with whilst feeling isolated and remote.  So we’ll see . . .

Festivities – happy everything, everyone!

Yeah yeah yeah I’m a bit slow off the block, I admit:

Here’s wishing you and yours the very best for a fantastic, joyful, much-loved and loving, healthy, and dream-fulfilling 2009.

So did everyone have a good Christmas and New Year’s Eve – or however you celebrate this time of year?  Tux and I, being the dedicated atheists / pagans we are, had a pretty low-key festive period.

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Christmas WHAT? When did it get to be December already?

What do you mean, it’s almost Christmas?  25 December indeed;  what the feck happened to November? *

So yeah, Christmas.  I am really not ready for it, it’s not my favourite time of year at any point in time, let alone sneaking up on me in such a sly fashion.  Okay so I am / was kinda out of the whole festive seasonal loop but still. Bastard.

So why am I so Scrooge / Grinch-like about Christmas?  Same reason everyone else is, I guess.  The crass in-your-face materialism, the gross conspicuous expenditure, the fake jollity and playing at Happy Families.  The expectations and pressures and lots of old emotional baggage associated with the holiday. Continue reading

US election 2008

I believe it would be quite remiss of me NOT to make some kind of intimation that the US Presidential Election took place and had an absolutely bloody brilliant result, don’t you?

The US system of candidate nomination, primaries and the Grand Final, over what seems an inordinately long period of  time, seems exceedingly odd to those of us brought up with the Westminster System . . . which is really the basis of the US system of course, with the two Houses et al, but where did all that primaries stuff come from? 

It makes absolutely no sense and it’s main purpose seems to be to divide the parties [eg, Democrats into Hillary vs Barack supporters; aren’t they all on the same side?  FFSL] and bore the population to tears, with campaigning so far in advance of the Presidential Election that by the time that day in November rolls around no one no-one can be buggered to turn out to vote.

I am cringingly ashamed of my ignorance;  obviously someone needs to explain this to me.  Please be gentle. 

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