Sitrep = Mar 2012

Okay okay so it’s been a while.  I’ve been somewhat busy – well,  occupied anyway! – and I’m trying to get out of my penchant for writing War And Peace length blog posts  [NB:  I said trying . . . it might take a while before I figure this out] so here is a bullet-point summary :-

  • The last few months of 2011 are a bit of a blur now, and I’d prefer to keep it that way.  They weren’t fun at all and I didn’t get out of bed or the house much, I know that ;
  • The festive season and entry into 2012 passed with a pathetic bleat rather than a bang.  I want to love Christmas, even though I am one of those “rabid strident atheists”* but there are so many bad memories attached to Christmas-time, and my family can be so dysfunctional and, well, awful, that I just can’t get into the spirit of things;  ditto Tux;.  Plus our usual fun “ex-pats n orphans” Christmas Eve dinner party had to be cancelled because . . . ;
  • . . . Guess who was rushed into hospital for emergency surgery for a detached retina just before Christmas – go on, guess who!  Oh yeah baby, YEAH.  Sooooo that made for a really fun Christmas and New Year ;
  • My beloved Tux and I celebrated our TENTH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY on 02 Feb 2012  [we got hitched on Saturday 02 February 2002, in Belfast] ;
  • Celebrations of the above included a divine French-champagne-fuelled dinner out – at the same place we got engaged!  It has become one of our fave “celebrations” restaurants, as well as “just because”**.  Tux surprised me with the most gorgeous eternity ring – white gold with channel-set round brilliant diamonds.  Am I lucky to have such an awesome fella or what? ;
  • “Awesome” not only because of gifts of divine jewellery [though he sure gets some Brownie points!] but for putting up with me, looking after me so selflessly, being the best friend, companion and lover anyone could wish for, making the last ten plus years so full of love and fun:  I am looking forward to the next 10, 20, 30 years with an-ti-ci . . . pation ;
  • This summer has been extremely hot and humid – obviously heat is par for the course in Western Australia, but even the most ardent of climate change denialists would soggily admit defeat when faced with days and weeks of 40oC+ and 95% humidity ;
  • Aoife and Ruadhán [our huge fluffy Maine Coon pusscats] have not been impressed with this variety of summer-lovin’ at all;  I’ve been keeping them cool with sponge baths and setting up a paddling pool in the bath – yes really, they love water, like tigers ;
  • Health-wise in general there’s been way too many screaming yowling whimpering drugged up scary excruciating pain-filled days and nights  [see point 1 above;  ason for blurriness].  I so need a break from all this “this-ness”.
  • More importantly, Tux needs a break from having to do all the misc. tasks and daily grind of keeping a household running, as well as taking care of me.  Also those horrific scary episodes are pretty bloody distressing for him to watch and help me through.  He is amazing but carers need care too . . . um does that make sense? ;
  • Despite the pain and eye sight shite and blah blah blah I am as resilient and optimistic as ever;  sure I might have the occasional down day but I always bounce back, and keep on keeping on.

So here’s hoping for a better year.  Whatever happens, I am happy and incredibly fortunate to have such a lovely bloke and gorgeous puss-cats.  There is always so much to read***, so much to learn, so much to laugh about, to have passion and find things that fascinate and engage the mind and senses.  That’s the trick I’ve discovered;  hey, maybe 42 IS the meaning of life, the universe and everything!


*          I do find it amusing that it’s the American evangelicals who refer to atheists as “rabid” and “strident” when the vast majority of evangelicals / crazy fundies / far-right-of-Genghis-Khan-ists are the ones screaming and frothing at the mouth.  Atheists [whether in open debate, on YouTube, etc.] tend to be quieter, more evenly spoken, more logical and rational .  That well known atheist, the awesome evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, is particularly softly spoken and gentle . . even if his remarks are delivered with a sniper’s accuracy and the impact of a rocket grenade launcher . .

**        CBD @ Rydges Hotel, cnr. Hay and King Streets in Perth city.  The food is always damn delicious and of a consistently high standard, the service is great, very helpful but not obsequious.  The kitchen and wait-staff are also very knowledgeable about the ins-and-outs of a gluten-free diet [and other special diets], and the chefs will make changes and substitutions to menu items if necessary.  Brilliant eh.

***     There is a very large heap of books I *should* write blurbs about . . . but I think I’ll just pick a select few, or do general blurbs around the contents of a Book Depository order.  Or something.

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  • Karen  On Tuesday 20 March 2012 at 6:13 pm

    I thought you puffy cas were Burmese Mountain Cats??? Good to hear you’re keeping on keeping on Otterkat! Happy Anniversary to you and Tux! Nice talking to you this afternoon LOL xxxxx

  • otterkat  On Wednesday 21 March 2012 at 10:00 am

    Hiya Ms Pink, great to see you! Yes you are totally correct, and I will be doing a post about Effer and Rudey, and their very rare, very special sub-species, “Giant Bernese Mountain Cats” [I don’t think I will ever find that un-funny 🙂 ].
    Waiting for YOUR next post! I want to hear all about your Illamasqua haulage.

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