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Beauty blurb – March 2012

I’m a beauty junkie in thought if not in deed – being of considerable desires, but almost non-existent budget!  However if I save up and budget extra carefully I can sometimes, sometimes not, wring out a hundred dollars or so per month for “play money””.

Much strategic planning goes into distribution of said funds, but it tends to go on books or make up.  Budget-wise, my skin care requirements are “must haves”.  My routine is pretty basic, I use one jar of product [eg, “night cream”] at a time until used up, and I don’t use luxe brands [*le sigh*].  Body care products are purchased at the very high-end Ligne de Prix [aka “Priceline” in bastardised French, heh].

Here’s a few bits n pieces I’ve bought over the last couple of months. I’m really pleased with them which = definite re-purchase and / or add to collection.

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Sitrep = Mar 2012

Okay okay so it’s been a while.  I’ve been somewhat busy – well,  occupied anyway! – and I’m trying to get out of my penchant for writing War And Peace length blog posts  [NB:  I said trying . . . it might take a while before I figure this out] so here is a bullet-point summary :-

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