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Well, given the last post was kinda heavy – and there will be other “heavy” posts to come as I bare my soul a little bit –  I figure a bit of light relief is called for, a little levity, something light-hearted.

Yep, time to talk politics.

JUST KIDDING !!!  Feck I worked for State politics for several years and it was terribly dispiriting to an idealistic kid [yeah, at 21+ I was still definitely a kid].

My gorgeous friend K started her own blog up again – The Pink Powderpuff – a few weeks ago and has been posting about the most gorgeous goodies in make up, skin care, and candles which are her passion.  K is totally pink-obsessed, and her alter ego is Miss Piggy, so don’t mess with her!  Pink feather boas and karate chops rule!

There are millions of beauty blogs out there, I was obsessed with them for a while but grew bored very quickly.  Many are just “collectors” who will blindly buy all the latest high-end extravagant make up collections and describe it in painstaking detail with billions of arty photographs, but would never ever actually use any of it.  They are more like the curators of a personal materialistic museum.

K on the other hand knows what she is doing.  She won’t buy any old tat or be taken in by hype and snake oil;  she’ll pick the best and leave the rest, and if she says something is a LOVE / MUST HAVE item then it seriously is.  She is an Expert with a capital E.  [she’s also a trained make up artist as well as a trained clinical psychologist;  a good mix, eh?]

My personal philosophy toward make up and skin care etc. is that I am willing to pay for quality;  I will pay for products that work and live up to the hype, and have real science behind them.  My current skin care routine is mostly Alpha-H products with a couple of “extras” from other ranges.

OF COURSE I have a Wish List for Make Up and Skin Care, and I update it regularly.  As my budget is very tight I buy very little in actual fact; what I mostly do is sieve through all the latest hype and froth for the good stuff, if there is in fact any NEW good stuff.

I stagger out purchases of the “necessities” in my skin care routine.  I have very good skin, smooth and very soft with zero wrinkles [smile and expression lines, yes; wrinklies no] and I intend to keep it looking and feeling good for as long as possible.  Make up products are a bit trickier, and I have to save up and budget for new items.  Needless to say I hardly ever impulse buy.

There are a number of items on my absolute-definite “Must Have” list at the moment.  Basic skin care products need replacing, and some make up bits and pieces, ditto.  My last “Girl Stuff” post was about DIOR and STILA, and I will be buying a few more items from those brands.

DIOR DiorSkin Forever Flawless Perfection Powder Compact Foundation in Ivory [RRP $ 85.00] will be perfect for buffing on lightly in the summer, either over foundation, tinted moisturiser or just by itself.  I am also so impressed with the red lippie I bought from the new Dior Rouge Voluptuous Care “Haute Couleur” range that I have my eye on one or even two pretty rose-pink-ish lipsticks.

While I’m in Myer visiting my favourite DIOR counter, I’m going to hop over to the Biotherm counter for the White D-Tox Translu-Cell BB Cream SPF 25  [RRP $ 49.00].  BB Creams are all the rage at the moment;  you can’t read a beauty blog or magazine without running slap bang into them. They are, basically, a multi-tasking product, supplying major skin care benefits, coverage, and sun protection.  The Biotherm BB Cream – apart from giving me a good laugh at the entire name, D-Tox Translu-Cell oh for feck’s sake like – will be a good tinted moisturiser or base under powder in the summer.

I’ll be heading back to Mecca Cosmetica, this time for a couple of Mecca’s own brand products, which are really, really good quality; seriously exceptional.  I want “To Save Face” Hydrating Facial Sunscreen SPF 30+  [100 ml = RRP $ 45.00], a fantastic moisturiser and sun protection product.  It hydrates beautifully and gives excellent protection from the glaring Western Australian sun without having that ghostly ashy look or sticky SPF feel.

Mecca Cosmetica’s “Hand-Elujah” Age Defying Hand Treatment  [100 ml = RRP $ 38.00] shall also be mine.  I’ve finally used up the dregs of a couple of hand creams, and the “Hand-Elujah” is another excellent product with major skin care benefits for older hands, soaks in providing maximum hydration without masses of greasy residue that makes it impossible to go near a keyboard or mouse for hours afterward.  Major win.  I have used “Hand-Elujah” before, and I’m wondering why the heck I ever strayed in the first place.  I usually stick with a great product when I find it, and refuse to be swerved by siren calls ie. hype from other brands, so I’m not sure what happened there.

I am SO impressed with the new STILA Smudge Stick Waterproof Retractable Eye Liners [RRP $ 42.00] that I want a couple more, so while I’m at Mecca I’ll pick up Stingray [blackest black] and Blue Ribbon [slate blue grey].  These eye liners are beautifully soft and gentle on eyes, they glide on smoothly, and have a small but good range of gorgeous shades and effects.  When you swatch them on the back of your hand they are very glittery, but when applied you don’t look like a drag queen.  There’s a definite pearly and twinkly component though, which I tend to think is very pretty and [ahem] eye-catching; go for Stingray and Lionfish [bronze-brown] for matte shades.

As for non-smudging, I had a six-hour nap while wearing Triggerfish and it wasn’t smeared all over my face when I woke up.  There was just a bit of extra smokey-eye effect going on.  Yet the liner was easily removed with a cotton pad saturated in eye make up remover; I pressed the cotton pad to my eye for several seconds, giving the liner a good “soak”, then it swiped right off, no rubbing and scrubbing required.  [NB:  I have very sensitive eyes and wear contact lenses, so I’m demanding when it comes to eye liners.]

At some stage I’ll be making a couple of online purchases.  Again, these are planned and saved up for, so I’ll get to them when I can.

High priority for an online order are Sigma’s Synthetic Kabuki Brushes.  I have been wanting a few synthetic “air brush” make up brushes for ages, for face and eyes, but couldn’t find anything much, let alone anything that impressed me.  So when the divine K posted about these new SiGMAX synthetic brushes I was very excited!  They are excellent quality brushes, with dense but soft bristles, well shaped, and even better, there’s a wide range of types of make up brushes.

On my list are the Flat Top and Round Top Kabuki brushes [USD 16.00] for liquid foundation and powder application;  these make application and buffing a breeze, and give a wonderfully smooth air-brushed look.

I will also get two of the smaller “Precision” brushes [USD 14.00].  The Precision Round Top Kabuki will be perfect for applying and buffing concealer around the eye and other areas to a perfect finish [yep even better than fingers or sponge, believe me], and the Precision Tapered Kabuki brush for putting on eye shadow base and highlighting eyes, the brow bone and cheekbones, using eg NARS’ Liquid Illuminator in Copacabana, or even Orgasm.  [That name has begun to seriously piss me off; it’s just not witty or edgy anymore – if it ever was – now that Mr François NARS has introduced so many more “Orgasm” products than the original blush.]  NARS’ Copacabana or Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl are perfect for us pale-palefaces.

Sigma’s Premium Travel Brush Kit in “Classy In Silver” is also calling my name. The seven brushes are fantastic quality [most brands skimp on the quality of their travel brushes vs. their full-size counterparts] and would be excellent additions to my make up brush collection in their own right, let alone the convenience of popping them in my make up bag.  Maybe another order at a later date . . . although the USD to AUD currency conversion works out exceptionally well for Australian customers at the moment so it would be a very good deal.

The truly mind-boggling thing about these brushes is the price;  even after currency conversion and shipping from the U.S. they are only a few dollars more than Models Prefer [available at Priceline etc.], with several different synthetic brushes to choose from and enormously better quality!   The quality is better-than-MAC . . . particularly as MAC doesn’t have professional synthetic kabuki brushes like these!

So that’s my rather LARGE dose [oops] of escapist sweet fluffy stuff today . . . I could do with more of it to be honest!  The pain levels have been completely fucking OTT these last few days, lots of Very Bad Days, I’ve been crying as much with frustration and anger as agonising pain.  I’m not good at the acceptance thing, obviously!

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