DIOR, Stila

For my birthday my parents, brothers, and in-laws gave me money and gift cards to spend – very specifically – on fun stuff for myself.  “Fun stuff” being girly stuff like make up and skin care.  I was really excited and keen to get shopping as there were a number of items – as always! – on  one of my exhaustive lists . . . but Life [with a capital P for pain, and H for health shite] got in the way.

Last week was the first time I’d managed to get into town [well, out of bed, dressed, made up, and into town] for weeks and fecking weeks, and I had a few definite items in mind;  lines of attack if you like heh.

One of the things on the top of the list was a cream compact foundation.  I’d tested out the CHANEL Teint Innocence cream compact foundation, but the palest shade was far too dark and orange-y.  I kind of despaired, having tried all the MAC ones [previous fave MoistureBlend having been discontinued], Lancôme, etc etc.  DIOR had a couple of different types so I headed there first.

The counter manager at the DIOR counter in MYER turned out to be delightful, very knowledgeable, genuinely wanting to help, and most importantly not full of shit!  There were a few compact foundations in the range, and I tried and really liked the Nude Natural Glow Crème Gel Compact Foundation in # 010 Ivory.  It’s a lovely creamy compact foundation, but not too dewy and oily, with great coverage.  Best of all you can buy refills on-counter for it!

The second thing I wanted to try out was the new Dior Rouge “Haute Couleur” lip colour.  The new lipstick formulation is ultra-smoothing and hydrating, but unlike the lighter, “glossy” type Dior Addict these are full coverage, real “grown-up” lipstick.  I picked out # 961 “Nocturne” which is part of the latest Limited Edition “Les Rouges Or” lipstick and nail colour line.  It’s a delicious rich red, not too dark or gothic, not too light a red.  These are divine lipsticks;  I’ll be back to see Miss K at the DIOR counter again for more of these!

I then headed over to Mecca Cosmetica to pick up a couple of things from Stila that have also been on my “little list” for ages.  The new Smudge Stick Waterproof Retractable Eye Liners are definitely worth checking out;  I bought Triggerfish, a perfect gunmetal grey with multi-pearl shot through it.  They smudge out beautifully but after half a minute they will not budge.  You’ll need a good dual-formula eye make up remover to soak these off.  But they’re not harsh by any means.  I’ll be picking up Stingray, blackest of blacks, and Blue Ribbon, a sort of slate-grey navy blue.

Stila’s Lip Glazes are a cult fave for a reason.  I have used these on and off for years; when I wander off using other products I always come back to these begging their pardon over a passionate reunion.  I took home Cranberry, a cream brick-red, and Vanilla, a sparkly nude gold.  I’d like a light pink too, so probably Grapefruit or Starfruit too.  The *ouch* factor of the price of these is terrible though, compared to $ 22.00 in the U.S.A. the Lip Glazes are $ 48.00 here.  ARGH.
Time to get me a contact in the U.S.A. or at least sign up on Hop-Shop-Go;  anyone else here use that?

And yes of course there are more bits n pieces I want, you should see those “little lists” of mine!

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