“Books, glorious books . . . “

“. . .  fat hardbacks and werewolves . . .”

Well maybe not werewolves this time but flesh-eating water-horses are pretty damn scary-cool and bloodthirsty, right?

I am looking forward to a couple of orders flying in from other countries fairly soon;  a pre-ordered copy of Maggie Stiefvater’s new book The Scorpio Races SIGNED and DOODLED in by the author herself, plus Brenna Yovanoff’s The Replacement, from Fountain Books in Virginia, USA;  and Sir Terry Pratchett’s new Discworld novel SNUFF from the UK, also pre-ordered and signed by Sir Terry himself [!!!].

Repeated squee-age possibly unbecoming to a supposedly grown-up woman of 42 will occur when these arrive, but I do promise there will be no incidences of “ZOMGZ !!!!!!1”.  Once all that is over, and I’ve read and put my head back together, I’ll write “reviews” * on these long-awaited and very special booksesss [yes, precioussssss].

I am incredibly excited by these books, and the signed-by-author component.   I am a looong-time rabid fan of Sir Terry of course, and of Maggie Stiefvater.  Via Stiefvater’s blog she has also introduced me to her personal friends, critique partners and published authors Brenna Yovanoff and Tessa Gratton.

[Incidentally Stiefvater, Yovanoff and Gratton have a joint website called Merry Sisters Of Fate.  Each author plus a guest author puts up one short story per month, each Monday of the month.  As it happens I have always disliked short stories, I mean I really really loathe them, they have always left me frustrated and underwhelmed, even the “Best Short Stories Of [Year]” compilations.  Stiefvater & Co. have brought me round, however.  Their short stories are pretty damn awesome and memorable;  they are also creepy and disturbing and weird and unsettling, which is kinda to be expected of the authors in question – and which I like.  You can find the authors’ blogs in question in the sidebar.]

Then in a week or so, when I have saved / budgeted a bit more, I will make an order at The Book Depository.  There will be more squee-age and reports when that is processed and eventually delivered.

In the mean meantime, I  will be metaphorically hopping from foot to foot waiting for those packages from the UK and USA to drop on the doormat.

*  ”reviews” is in quotation marks as I feel uncomfortable using the word.  It seems somehow cheeky or disrespectful for a person who is not writing for Publisher’s Weekly or Kirkus Review to write their own opinion and pass it off as if written in stone.  Yes, even if that someone IS well educated
and extremely well read [and yes, even if I do say so myself!].

The vitriol and – even worse – abysmally written bilge that so often passes as “reviews” on Amazon et al have only reinforced my personal feelings on this matter.  I feel happier calling them “blurbs”.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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