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Watching: Doctor Who [Series 5]

I adore Doctor Who;  I have been watching since 1976 [my eldest brother used to hide behind the sofa – WUSS].  Tom Baker was definitely my favourite Doctor, but I found Doctor # 7 played by Sebastian McCoy and his companion Ace [Sophie Aldred] really engaging.  They were in the very last three-episode story-arc of Doctor Who called “Survival” in 1989, before the BBC finally pulled the plug after 25 years.

The return of Doctor Who in 2005 was wonderful, and the series so far have been consistently good and living up to the iconic nature of the show.  Of course there have been grumbles about things “not being like they used to be” but generally I find the show works better in its 45 minute format [as opposed to 25 minute episodes] and general improvements in special effects, costuming etc.  The aliens are still basically men in rubber or metal suits though, just as in 1976;  there’s something very comforting about that.

I wasn’t sure I would like the Eleventh Doctor [Matt Smith], in fact I was decidedly against the idea of using such a young actor – over 10 years younger than David Tennant*.  However thanks to the ABC I’ve been able to get to know and like this young, cheeky boy; he’s definitely growing on me.   The first episode’s minor “glitches” could mostly be put down to a) canonical issues with the Doctor’s personality et al arising from his latest regeneration; and / or b) growing pains.

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