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We all know about my ever-enduring love of all things MAC Cosmetics.  We also know that an anal-retentive uber-list-maker like me will have a looong wish list of MAC items.  Starting with loads of delicious eye shadows to pop into the MAC PRO 15-Pan eye shadow palettes I’ll be getting later this year.  Greens, blues, greys/monos, purples, neutrals . . . there is so much choice at MAC.  Not to mention the thrill of the hunt for past Limited Edition shades!  I would also like to pick up a few more lipsticks and lipglasses [oh so delicious!] and beauty powders / highlighters this year as my collection is pretty bare in that department.

Here’s what I have saved up for and bought with great excitement so far.

There were a couple of collections in January but I was only caught by Love Lace.  I managed to hold back and picked up only two eye shadows;  Hypnotizing, a sort of frosty grey-mauve and the eponymous Love Lace, a heavenly smooth mid greyed-out blue in my favourite MAC eye shadow formula Veluxe Pearl, which is pretty much what it says on the label, luxe and pearly.  While I was shopping online [] I got two eye shadows from the permanent collection – in Electra, an icy silver-grey, and  Knight Divine, a smooth dark grey with silver pearl.  All four of these shades lend themselves really well to a variety of smoky blue-grey eye looks, both subtle daytime and more intense dramatic night time combos.

I also ordered two new make up brushes:  # 228 Mini Eye Shader Brush [which is only available for purchase online],  and # 275 Medium Angled Shading Brush.  Both are outstanding brushes, fantastic quality as you’d expect from MAC and such a pleasure to use; they are really diverse in their uses too, talk about added value hey.  They definitely make my “Essential Make Up Brushes” list [See? yet another list].

In February MAC introduced Pop Colour 2010, being several new additions to the permanent eye shadow line.  Warning:  No neutrals here folks!  There are eight intensely colourful shades in all, my buys being Lucky Green, a frosted mid-tone lime and Atlantic Blue, a really bright violet blue.

After months and months of it being on my “priority” list I finally got Gorgeous Gold eye shadow from the permanent line, a soft true yellow-gold with a surprising green flash that makes it an awesome shade to work in with green and blue eye shadow looks, as well as the traditional bronze or neutral combinations.

Fortunately I’d budgeted wisely and so bought a new lipstick as well [be still my beating heart!];  On Hold, a yellow raspberry red in the Crème Sheen formula.  For some reason it makes my green-yellow eyes almost glow.  Freaky.  This was my first lipstick in the Crème Sheen formula and it will not be my last.  I’ve always stuck to the Lustre finish lipsticks, but Crème Sheens are divine, very luxe and moisturising, with a lush creamy sheeny look and feel.

* * * * * * * * *

March saw a bunch of collections.  The only one I was interested in was the From Our Lips / Viva Glam, a new Viva Glam release with two lipsticks this time, Viva Glam Cyndi and Viva Glam Gaga [Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga being the new spokespersons].  The Viva Glam Fund began in 1997 with the release of a red Viva Glam lipstick, the entire proceeds of every sale going to AIDS support and research programmes around the world. 

There have been five additional lippies released since then, and two lip glosses, plus the two new 2010 releases.  All the shades are incredibly wearable and almost universally flattering, so most MAC fans would have at least one – if not all – VG lip products in their make up bags.  I have VG VI lipstick and VG VI lipglass, and now the new VG Cyndi, a flattering coral-red; VG Gaga is a gorgeous pale blue-pink.

The huge, humongous collection in March was the Spring Colour Forecast, a four-part collection, based around four colour groups [pinks, corals, violet, bronze].  Despite the range, nothing took my fancy enough to splash out.  Regardless of the hype around limited edition collections, much of the time I’d rather buy more items from the permanent line and build up my personal collection from there [not owning the entire MAC collection . . . yet].

Mid-April [the 12th to be precise] saw the release of Give Me Liberty Of London, a collaboration with the famous London fashion / fabric house Liberty.  I fell head over heels in love with this collection; as well as divine make up goodies it featured beautiful classy packaging; white enamel with a Liberty birds and flowers print based on the William Morris “Strawberry Thief” pattern.  And the products in the packaging were equally heavenly;  yet again I saved up and picked out what I figured were the best bits of the collection [although for the first time ever I wanted to buy the whole lot just for the packaging – how sad can you get?].

  • Beauty Powder  =  Shell Pearl,  a really pretty pale peach with golden pearl;  the beauty powders all have a divinely soft shimmery finish, and I’ve been aching to get my paws on this one in particular.  I use it as a highlighter on cheekbones, brow-bone, and temples to get that “inner glow” appearance.
  • Eye Shadow =  Bough Grey [Satin], a mid-tone bluish grey;  and Birds & Berries [Veluxe Pearl], frosted  dark green-blue teal.  I’m so in love with this shade it’s probably illegal . . . I mean I always automatically leap upon any green eye shadow going, but this is so beautiful and can be integrated into so many looks.
  • Lipstick = Ever Hip [Crème Sheen]:  a light creamy coral.  To be honest I was seriously a-skeeared about getting this lipstick.  I have only just started wearing pink lipsticks so maybe Coral was a bit soon?  As soon as I saw it in all that white enamel and Liberty print glory and tried it on my fears just melted away.  It’s not too orange or bright, it’s soft and natural and being Crème Sheen has that lush creaminess to it.
  • Lipglass = Frankly Fresh:  a neutral pinky-beige shade with soft pearl, it goes perfectly over the Ever Hip coral lippie, and will go nicely over any of my pink lipsticks! [um, the total of pink lippies being two (2); as mentioned I’ve only just started experimenting with wearing pink lippies – not even lolly-pink pinks, more on the neutral side, but pink nonetheless].

Art Supplies was released in Australia in late April, and online only.   The collection included a range of new limited edition Greasepaint Sticks [sort of like greasy crayons:  meh], and Long-Wear Lip Stains in the form of Texta-like markers [again with the meh].  There was also a bunch of Pearl Glide Intense Eye Liners which I landed on like a ton of bricks.  The colours were all divine, but I went for  Black Line [a golden black], Undercurrent [blue teal], and Designer Purple [shimmering violet].

I am freaky for eye liners, and the Pearl Glide Eye Liners are delicious.  They are even creamier and with more colour pay-off than the Eye Kohl Liners (my faves), and the glitter / shimmer in them is subtle but unmistakably there.  Undercurrrent is my best-beloved, the most divine, perfect  blue teal – and we all know I can’t get enough of teals!  Designer Purple is a fabulous shade, a dark violet with gold shimmer.  I haven’t had a purple-ish eye liner in my stash until this one because most of them were too dark or looked brown-ish / dirty on me, but this baby makes my green eyes flash like nobody’s business!  Black Line is described by MAC as a “true black” but that’s not quite correct;  it is black, yes, but with deep gold undertones and iridescence, very dramatic.  Perfecto!  I just wish MAC would make these and the Power Kohl Liners (eg, Feline) part of the permanent line *sigh*.  Bastards get us hooked, then craving like crack whores for that next hit, that’s what it is.

* * * * * * * * *

While I don’t have much information on the rest of the year, there are a couple of collections coming out in the next few months that I’m keeping my eye on.

To The Beach Summer Collection = we’re looking at mid-June for the Australian release I think.  Again the packaging is a real feature of this Limited Edition Collection; not quite as gorgeous or spectacular as Give Me Liberty of London perhaps but definitely drool-worthy all the same.  It is very 70s with the green and orange containers [which Generation Zed think are oh-so-cool and “retro”;  it’s not quite the same when you remember your mum and all her friends having kitchens in orange and avocado . . . thankfully there’s no mission brown lurking around any corners].  The main attraction for me is that the containers’ lids are embossed with sea creatures eg, seahorses [w00t!], scallop shells, curly shells, coral etc.

In The Groove = Australian release will probably be around late July.  In The Groove features Mineralize SkinFinishes; Mineralize blush duos; Mineralize eye shadow trios.  Also lipsticks and Crème Sheen Lipglasses but they have not grabbed my eye as much as the Mineralize products.  [I would usually automatically change the Zed in Mineralize to an Ess, as I use Australian English, but the official product is spelled with a Zed and my descriptions must be correct, c’est la vie.]

Fabulous Felines = we’re probably looking at a late August / September release date [US release is 10 August and collections generally hit Australian shores a month or so later].  Fabulous Felines is a three-part collection on – obviously – a cat theme.  Needless to say I CAN’T WAIT.   The three parts are  Palace Pedigreed, Leopard Luxe and Burmese Beauty, and each part includes a mineralize blush, a brand new liquid eye liner in a wide range of shades, lipsticks and lipglasses, and eye shadow quads [oh yeah baby, I’m there].  There are no hints or rumours about packaging as yet, but the possibilities for kitty-themes is driving me wild.  Meeee-OW.

* * * * * * * * *

[In the interests of blogger disclosure, which apparently you have to do now – even on a totally trivial, ranting, “eclectic” ie unorganised, babbling, not read by more than two people site like this – I have not been paid to say any of this;  I have not been sent samples or products by the companies referred to;  all products were purchased and road-tested by me, for me.]



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