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Pet therapy

A dear friend’s beloved dog and long-time constant companion died recently.  Naturally she was absolutely devastated; even more so as the pup had been her comfort and consolation through many many years of incredibly rough personal-health-related times.  The news and the thought of her pain and loss made me sob and snuffle in empathy.  I adore my two ridiculously fluffy Maine Coon cats and honestly couldn’t cope without them in my situation – no matter how amazing and supportive my husband is [and he IS truly amazing and supportive; I don’t know how I got so lucky]. 

I am bed-ridden for so much of the time, for days / weeks / months, and those two kitties are constantly entertaining, affectionate and perceptive.  When I’m especially bad, they will snuggle up on the bed as close as possible to me, one on each side, with a head snuggled into my shoulder here, or paws wrapped around my wrist there . . . aaaaaawwwww.

I’ve had several cats over the years:-  My first cat Rocky was a splodgy black and white mog who had no interest in humans and snuggling whatsoever.  Cat Numero Due was Bella, a dumped, abused stray who turned up on our doorstep and yowled to come in, please.  She was not at all averse to cuddles or snuggles and returned affection with fervour.  I really could have done without the disembowelled rats left for me on my duvet cover as a precious gift, though.  Bella lived to the amazing age of 22, and died quietly in her sleep just a few weeks after we returned to WA from Ireland.  I’m forever glad I had the chance to snuggle those last times and say goodbye.

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New make up stuff

We all know about my ever-enduring love of all things MAC Cosmetics.  We also know that an anal-retentive uber-list-maker like me will have a looong wish list of MAC items.  Starting with loads of delicious eye shadows to pop into the MAC PRO 15-Pan eye shadow palettes I’ll be getting later this year.  Greens, blues, greys/monos, purples, neutrals . . . there is so much choice at MAC.  Not to mention the thrill of the hunt for past Limited Edition shades!  I would also like to pick up a few more lipsticks and lipglasses [oh so delicious!] and beauty powders / highlighters this year as my collection is pretty bare in that department.

Here’s what I have saved up for and bought with great excitement so far.

There were a couple of collections in January but I was only caught by Love Lace.  I managed to hold back and picked up only two eye shadows;  Hypnotizing, a sort of frosty grey-mauve and the eponymous Love Lace, a heavenly smooth mid greyed-out blue in my favourite MAC eye shadow formula Veluxe Pearl, which is pretty much what it says on the label, luxe and pearly.  While I was shopping online [] I got two eye shadows from the permanent collection – in Electra, an icy silver-grey, and  Knight Divine, a smooth dark grey with silver pearl.  All four of these shades lend themselves really well to a variety of smoky blue-grey eye looks, both subtle daytime and more intense dramatic night time combos.

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Book blurb: The Piper’s Son – Melina Marchetta

The Piper’s Son is a sequel-ish to Saving Francesca.  I say “ish” because it’s not about Francesca, but another member of her group of friends at high school, and is set some five years later.  Set again in Sydney, Thomas Finch Mackee – who seemed the archetypal yob but with hidden sensitivity in Saving Francesca, has lost touch with his friends and family in the last couple of years, and has pretty much lost the plot.  He spends his days stoned out of his mind, deliberately cut off from family, friends and the world except for his love of music. 

What happened to Tom to send him off the rails and basically treat his friends like shit gradually unfolds and is explained, in much the same way as Taylor’s story in On The Jellicoe Road.

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Book blurb: On The Jellicoe Road – Melina Marchetta

Melina Marchetta is the Australian author of the much-beloved and much-awarded Young Adult books Looking For Alibrandi and Saving Francesca (also Finnikin Of The Rock – so far unread).  I’ve read these multiple times, and on my latest visit to a bookshop greedily scooped up On The Jellicoe Road (published 2007) and her most recent release The Piper’s Son.

I am a big fan of Melina Marchetta and her writing.  Her characters are so real and alive, through brilliant characterisation and dialogue.  Her books are in the Young Adult category so are directed at the mid-to-late teen group, but the stories and themes are universal and heart-warming* so Proper Grown Ups can enjoy them too (and have a bit of a nostalgic gleam about their teen years).

*I usually despise the description of any YA or chick-lit as “heart-warming”, it’s tossed around by reviewers in such a generic way, like so many MickDee burgers (and just as nauseating).  However in Marchetta’s case “heart-warming” is so perfect a description I’ll let it go.  In Saving Francesca especially I totally related to the feeling of alienation experienced by Francesca herself, and also her mother’s “nervous breakdown” and deep dark depression.

So, firstly, On The Jellicoe Road     (The Piper’s Son to follow)

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