Addendum – Urban Fantasy

Whilst mulling over the previous post and posts-to-come, I recalled a chat I had with a Borders counter person the other week.  I was in the Young Adult / Children’s section, and couldn’t help but notice all the Twilight books and tons upon tons of merchandise.  Burning out my retinas, so they were [and those of the poor young woman working there, who noted with despair that the movies / merch are only up to the second book, oh woe].

I could do an entire post about my hatred for all things Twilight but most of the points are in the Urban Fantasy – Patricia Briggs post.  I did, however, come up with my own nickname for the phenomena.  “Twi-hards” simply doesn’t cut it. 

For the books, the undiluted Year-Nine-level crappiness of the writing within, all the merchandise, and the silly people who roll about in the mediocrity of it all, I came up with “Twi-Shite”, which says it all, really.

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