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Addendum – Urban Fantasy

Whilst mulling over the previous post and posts-to-come, I recalled a chat I had with a Borders counter person the other week.  I was in the Young Adult / Children’s section, and couldn’t help but notice all the Twilight books and tons upon tons of merchandise.  Burning out my retinas, so they were [and those of the poor young woman working there, who noted with despair that the movies / merch are only up to the second book, oh woe].

I could do an entire post about my hatred for all things Twilight but most of the points are in the Urban Fantasy – Patricia Briggs post.  I did, however, come up with my own nickname for the phenomena.  “Twi-hards” simply doesn’t cut it. 

For the books, the undiluted Year-Nine-level crappiness of the writing within, all the merchandise, and the silly people who roll about in the mediocrity of it all, I came up with “Twi-Shite”, which says it all, really.


Book blurb: Urban Fantasy – Patricia Briggs

The “urban fantasy” genre (or “paranormal”, “supernatural” et al) is really big these days.  The vile Twilight series is getting all the credit for the rise in popularity of books about vamps, werewolves, fae or faerie, witches and various other ghosties and beasties.  This pisses me off enormously because hellooo?  Buffy???  Anne Rice novels?  And the hundreds of other books to be found in the SF&F shelves that were deemed too nerdy for the general adult / young adult populace?  Now it’s “cool”.  And hey it’s all down to a series that is misogynist, anti-feminist (or anti any non-passive-female;  the only strong female characters are Evil), abstinence-only and MORMON.  BLECCHHHH!

I’ve always loved the fantasy genre (oh I like SF too, except for the really heavy-duty military-space-opera stuff) starting with Lord Of The Rings at nine years old, and moving on from there.  It’s true a lot of fantasy is, well, bilge, and poorly-written bilge at that.  The same-old, same-old heroes, stupid names, dragons and swords and beautiful useless heroines.

Some fantasy is pretty damn wonderful though.  Terry Pratchett is one of my absolute favourite authors, over all genres, not merely the SF&F category.  Personally I think his books should be on the same shelves as the posh Booker-Prize-winning Literature, he’s so good; besides he got an OBE for Services To Literature so the Queen (or some lackey) obviously agrees with me!  For an incorrigible bookophile (technically it’s “bibliophile” but I don’t want to bring the so-called Good Book into this), even one who is a compulsive list-maker, such a thing as “Absolute Favourite Authors” is difficult to quantify.

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Commence Operation “Reduce Elephant”

Way back when I was diagnosed with The Collection, an intense, varied exercise regime became an important part of my life.  Hydrotherapy, weight training, cardio, boxing, Pilates and yoga, core work and resistance exercises;  I was at the gym four times a week.  And I loved it.  Suddenly I turned from a tiny weak weed to a tiny buff and muscle-y dynamo – I even earned the nickname ”Pocket Rocket” at my workplace.   

[When I met Tuxedo I looked like a Mini-Me version of Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2,  right down to the black combat pants and tank-top, but sans uzi.]

Over the years of course, my health and thus my routine had their ups and downs, but I always managed to keep some kind of exercise going.  Even when the situation got really bad – like last year where thankfully I had Tux around to look after me so I didn’t have to be hospitalised for months –  I managed to do daily stretches, leg lifts, sit ups, push ups, basic Pilates core work and resistance stuff.

At the start of this year, after The Year Of The Shite, I knew I had to get some serious informed physical therapy and rehabilitation to get me back on my feet.    But that wasn’t the only obstacle I faced . . .

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