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Movie review: AVATAR

Sometime last month [I think, the days and weeks have been doing that blurring-into-each-other thing; not even having the decency to do any exciting whirling movie montages or pages flying off a calendar.  Just same old same old] Tux and I went to see Avatar

We went a few weeks after its release, so had read the reviews – the good and the bad, all the “Dancing With Smurfs” analogies, so I had fairly unbiased expectations either way, aside from a) a concern that Avatar would prove beyond doubt that James Cameron could no longer make movies as he used to [Aliens, Terminator and T2; let’s just ignore Titanic, okay?] and b) my nausea and vertigo might have “issues” with the 3D; I even had a plastic puke bucket handy, but in the event I had no difficulties at all. 

But oh oh OH!  What a spectacular Avatar proved to be!  Not only the awesome art direction and fabulous world building, but also the characterisation, the story and the messages / analogies / allegories within it.

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