MAC birthday makeover

For my birthday this year Tuxedo was stuck for ideas – which has to be the first time ever! – and came to me for advice.  I decided I’d like a bit of girliness; some pretty shiny new skin care products and a MAC makeover, including a bunch of products.  Tuxedo was more than happy with  this idea; he figured I needed some pampering and pretty stuff after the previous few months of blah (which continued for a while afterward, but the birthday really cheered me up).

I’m pretty low maintenance in my skin care routine – oh I do all the cleansing and serums and moisturisers and sunscreen – but once I find a set of products I really like I tend to stick with them, and not try others that might be just as good.  This is mostly down to budgetary means; I don’t have the budget / finances to play around, so for my birthday I wanted to get a few “extras” to add into my bag o’ stuff.  Me being me, naturally I did lots of research, much making of lists, culling down of list, more research etc etc (“Hello, my name is Jules, and I’m anal retentive”).

I got some fantastic skin care goodies from Adore Beauty ( which I will review at some point.  Then there was my anticipated makeover at MAC;  amazingly, despite my love of all things MAC I had never ever had a makeover there before!   I had such a fun day;  all very girly and pretty, lots of giggles and a fair few tips and tricks of the trade (make up artistry, that is!).  Oh and the purchase of a product or eight or so . . .

Quite a big spend in fact.  Certainly more than I’ve ever bought at any one time ever.  Certainly more than I’ve bought in the last couple of cashed-strapped-years, where the occasional purchase was for a replacement favourite or a “necessity”, eg a replacement foundation, eye liner, the occasional new lipstick or eye shadow (see above, one item at a time).

* * * * * * * * *

I just had so much fun at the MAC makeover – I tell you now, it’s not going to be my last!  I learned so much – not least what I now call The Pale Pink Lip Paradigm Shift.

The Make Up Artist did – on my request – the most beautiful purple-ish smokey eye which really made my green-gold eyes pop.  Whenever I’ve tried a purple eye it’s just looked like a I’ve been in a bar fight – not the best look! (Although I have been in – and won! – a couple of bar fights and I’m only about 155 cm hee.)   She used Paint Pot in Painterly as a base, which I subsequently bought (along with Indianwood, Moss Scape and Blackground – oh heavens they are divineness itself!  I just adore the Paint Pots, they’re so versatile and gorgeous; I’m having so much fun with them) and then Shale on the lid, with Blackberry and Shadowy Lady in the crease, with a mix of Yoghurt and Shroom to highlight.  It looked gorgeous.

She put Automatic Brow Pencil in Fling on my brows –  must get this – then Eye Kohl Liner in Smolder along my lash line and Plushblack mascara on my lashes.  I have to admit I wasn’t too keen on the Plushlash, I think I get a better look with my CoverGirl LashBlast to be honest (my lashes are insanely long and thick and make wearing specs a real PITA; they just happen to be invisibly fair blahhhh).   I think mascaras are the only product MAC falls down on.

Next the MUA did the face (this was another new trick; eyes then face;  it makes so much sense as I’m forever applying  my foundation then making a mess all-over with my eye make up (D’OH!   NB:  slow learner here).  I adored the new-to-me Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, and liked the new Studio Sculpt concealer a lot, it is so soft and hydrating;  however I’m still happy enough with my Studio Finish Concealer, but when that’s finished then bring on the Studio Sculpt!  The MUA next created a really nice contoured cheek look using Mineralise SkinFinish Powder in Cheeky Bronze and Mineralise Blush in Cheek & Cheerful (both Limited Edition at the time, and so pretty, but a bit beyond my skill and preferred “look”).

Then the Big Moment:  the lip!  AKA The Pale Pink Lip Paradigm Shift .  I have never ever worn a pale pink lip, I just assumed I couldn’t.  I have really big  lips – think Angelina Jolie, basically – but was teased so much at school I’ve always been horribly self conscious so tried to hide them, and as pale tones make lips look fuller I’ve always gone for coppery-plums.  The soft nudey pink look was something I wanted to try but was scared of, you know?   Anyway the MUA was again amazing and I ended up with a beautiful soft pretty pink lip, just perfect, so there’s gonna be a lot more where that came  :snigger:.

* * * * * * * * *

So the day’s purchases included:-

Studio Fix SPF 15 Fluid Foundation = NW 20

Eye Kohl Liner = Phone Number

Paint Pot = Painterly;  Indianwood;  Moss Scape;  Blackground

Eye Shadow = Nylon;  Juxt;  Deep Truth;  Shadowy Lady

Crème Stick Lip Liner = Gingerroot

Lipstick = Patisserie (Ltd Ed Euristocrats II 2009)

Brush = # 224 Large (Fluffy!) Tapered Eye Shadow Blending Brush

There are quite a few extra items on my MAC Wish List too now – not least some gorgeous Limited Edition Collections being released over September / October, of which I will be partaking and will probably report back.  Wheee!

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