Compliment of the year?

I think I had the best compliment on my looks, precisely one week before my fortieth birthday.

Please note:  I was wearing spectacles, barely any make up, just eye liner and mascara, a bit of powder and a slick of lip gloss.  Hair loose and half way down my back.  Pretty much screamed WYSIWYG basically.

* * * * * * * * *

So there I was at the Chanel counter in David Jones, spraying on Chanel’s “Coco Mademoiselle” with growing certainty that this was the new scent for me.

The Sales Assistant – looking to be about late twenties – came up to me and the following conversation ensued.

SA:       May I help you with something?

Me:       Oh, no, sorry . . . I‘m just having a spray ‘n’ sniff of this (indicating the Coco Mlle), I just love it and have strongly hinted to my brothers to get me this for my birthday! *smile*

(NB:  I have thus established that I will not be making a purchase therefore there is no point sucking-up)

SA:       Oh yeah, it’s a gorgeous perfume. Do you reckon they’ll take the hint?

Me:       Oh yes, they have been very well trained.  (SA laughs)

SA:       So when is your birthday?  Is it a big one?

Me:       Next Saturday . . . and yeah it ends in a zero so I guess it is a big one.

SA:       NO!  No way are you thirty!

Me:       Um . . . well . . . I’m turning forty.

SA:       NO WAY!  You look about twenty-five, just look at that skin (she strokes my cheek); it is so smooth and soft and fine, wow you have no wrinkles at all.  I don’t believe it, you have GOT to be shitting me!

(NB:  Such language from a Chanel Sales Assistant!  Also, I have a highly developed BS detector and it’s not so much as emitting a twitch or peep)

Me:       Well I do have a few wrinkles –

SA:       Nuh-uh, not compared to the ladies who come in here.  It’s gorgeous, how do you do it, what do you use?

Me:       Ultraceuticals mostly (waving over at the Ultraceuticals counter), Alpha-H, some other basic Priceline-y products.  I never really smoked or sunbathed either, guess I have good genes.

SA:       Okay, I am so getting me some of that stuff.  Your skin is just amazing, I cannot believe you are forty, you honestly look about twenty-five . . .

Etcetera etcetera . . .

I was exceedingly embarrassed.  Good heavens.

Hey at least I’ve got another person (most likely) hooked on Ultraceuticals (gah, I hate that word, it’s about the worst brand name I have ever heard; such a shame it’s attached to some of the best products around.)

* * * * * * * * *

Later, I told Tux about this conversation, giggling like mad.  Sure, riiiiiiiight, like I don’t look even thirty.

Tux:     So, I could have told you that before, don’t know why you’re so surprised.  (grumps)

Me:       Say wha’?

Tux:     Well you look less than thirty every day . . It’s me who’s the one getting older – and I’m six years younger than you and here I am with this baby-wife.

Me:       (stunned)

* * * * * * * * *

Wow, how’s that?  I look much less than ten years my real age?  And okay I admit, my skin is pretty good, it is velvet-y smooth and even and I look after it, but I’m still low maintenance;  I don’t have facials or any beauty therapist stuff (aside from the occasional eye brow and lip wax).  I don’t have many wrinkles, a couple of quite deep ones through my eye brows (what I call my “pain lines”), and of course laugh lines at the corners of my eyes and mouth.  And yes, to be honest the skin on my face is smooth and plump as a baby’s bum.

Oh and I don’t have a single grey hair, either.

I have always looked much younger than my age, like when I was eight I looked about three, really little and skinny and about half the size of my peers.  It’s been a huge drawback all my life, at university and in workplaces where I wasn’t taken seriously because of the “baby-face”.  It usually took a few conversations and run-ins with me before people figured out what / who they were dealing with.  Mwahahahaha.

Now, now that I’m getting older – and honestly hitting my forties – sure isn’t it pretty damn cool to have that kind of mistake made?

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  • TUX  On Wednesday 16 September 2009 at 1:30 pm

    Yup, I do the aging around here, but at least it’s wrapped up in a reasonably jumpable bod! ^-^

  • otterkat  On Wednesday 16 September 2009 at 1:33 pm

    True. Very true.

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