Square one

Yes, yes I know.  I’m not even going to apologise for disappearing for so long.  It happens, that’s all there is to it.  The last couple of months have simply been really, really rough, even in comparison to the normal roughing and toughing it out that’s my life.

The biggest thing – that is, I guess, having a cumulative effect on everything else – is that Tux was made redundant at the beginning of April.  This came as a huge shock;  he went into work on a Monday morning as usual and half an hour into typing up his daily report received a tap on his shoulder from his boss.  Half an hour after that he was being escorted from the building, along with about fifteen others.  (Tux did notice when he came into the office that there were a lot of empty chairs … ) 

So major health emergencies;  financial woes,;  work search;  non-existent IT Job markets, blahness.  Tux took it all pretty hard at first, with me doing the Tower Of Strength thing, taking my turn in being the one being leant on and giving pep talks, keeping spirits up. 

I’m glad to say that we’re over the worst of the worst – gloominess and health crises both – and are doing okay.  But it’s been a tough run.  In the meantime we’ve been wading through mounds of paperwork so we have some money coming in from somewhere.  On a totally unrelated note, Centrelink and other government authorities can be a total bitch to deal with;  but you do find some amazingly helpful people buried in amongst the application forms.

* * * * * * * * * *

Needless to say I haven’t been horse-riding since April, and I’m missing it so much it hurts!  I miss the horses of courses, and the people, and simply getting out and doing fun stuff.

Hopefully this will be another case of Back to Square One;  that I will be able to get back to the horses once the pain gets down to usual “just really really bad” levels.  That combined with the exercise rehab programme I’ll have the fitness and strength to start galumping around happily on ponies (or very large horses), but I’ll have to start off slow from the beginning.

Oh, and in case you were wondering?  An exercise fitball just isn’t the same thing at all in mirroring the horse-riding experience. 

* * * * * * * * * *

I’m making some changes around here.   So here’s the thing;  Otterkat wasn’t working that well for me.  I wasn’t posting much at all because I was self-censoring.  Entries just didn’t gel or meld in with the rest of the “style” in fact there was no “style” or over-arching thematic structure or somesuch shite.  Yes I’m eclectic but there was happy horsie stuff and recipes and girly entries, mixed in with manic rants and depressing and introspective posts.  The health issue ie The Collection was the major problem;  if I blogged daily it would be “Tuesday:  screaming pain.  Wednesday:  screaming pain, puking.  Thursday:  screaming pain, puking, vertigo, fuck I’m fed up.”  That would get somewhat monotonous, I believe.

To that end I’ve split Otterkat into two, one part remaining as Otterkat, which will stay here and comprise the lighter side, viz a viz entries on horses, kittens, make up and skin care and other female stuff, cooking, books, rainbows and butterflies and unicorns / pegasi et al.

The other part is over there –  Crazy Diamond  named after the Pink Floyd song , which will contain all the rants, whinges and outpourings of life as a person with multiple serious health issues, and how I deal with all that jazz.  Email address et al will remain the same.

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