You can all come back now . . .

 . . . I’ve finished with all the girly stuff [for a bit, anyway].

I really am sorry about all that  – I had drafts of most of those posts, and as I was having a crap week pain-wise* I figured rather than go into extended-hiatus-mode I’d pop them up as filler.  I just couldn’t seem to find an appropriate time to post the product reviews and the Best-Of make up series, since I’m not a dedicated beauty blogger they seem a little out of place!

*Argh, argh, and after I had been SO GOOD for weeks too.  Then the fucking weather went absolutely despicably disgusting and so did I.  Very, very fucking annoying, I was so pissed off, especially as I missed both horse-riding lessons – and I’d started on cantering serpentines and other exciting things the week before too – and the RDAs Melbourne Cup lunch.  Grrr.  Anyway, have bounced back pretty well and am in great form, hurrah.

. . . . . . . . . .

Things have been quite busy, socially speaking, which is lovely!  Makes a change from the hermit-like existence I descend into at times. 

We went to the wedding of two adorable friends of ours last Sunday – you know, the one I had to brave the fake tan and had the cute shoes for.  Just as well I had the cute shoes as I was totally stuck as to what else to wear.  While the weather was fine it was still quite cool temperature-wise, also the wedding ceremony and reception were down in Fremantle which can get quite chilly, what with the sea breeze drifting gently in from 2.00 pm onwards [ie, roaring howling].  So I couldn’t wear my gorgeous sexy Collette Dinnigan sage green and gold lace strappy number, buggrit. 

I settled on a pretty chiffon white and charcoal-y floral print skirt and a dark green lace three-quarter sleeve top.  Not as dressy or “wow” factor-ish but it did the job.  [Memo to self:  find plentiful opportunities to wear CD dress this summer;  especially since I’ve lost a LOT of weight, have muscles in my arms and shoulders, and the waist is teensy – horse-riding is GREAT for the figure I have to say.  The boobs however are not teensy, am still a D-cup, for crying out loud; a D-cup on a 156 cm petite frame is just not right.  ARGH.  Although Tux doesn’t seem to mind, odd that . . . ]

The wedding was a very short simple ceremony in a park, followed by cocktail reception at some place on South Terrace in Fremantle.  There was a two and a half hour break in between the ceremony and the reception so Tux and I headed into Freo proper for food and coffees and a bit of people-watching.  The reception was great fun, plenty of booze and food being handed around [I couldn’t eat any of it, of course] but we didn’t stay long, only about two glasses of champagne, as the speeches weren’t going to start until much later in the evening and neither Tux nor I wanted to hang around that long.  We didn’t know anyone except the bride and groom, so felt a bit awkward.  So we said our congratulations and had a chat with the VERY happy blissed-out couple and headed home.  It looked like it was going to be a fantastic party though.

I sniffled all through the ceremony, and then tried very hard not to sob when the B&G came into the reception and had a little waltz [to Paul McDermott and Fiona Apples “Shut Up And Kiss Me Now”] which was odd as I usually don’t cry at those things.  I didn’t even cry at my own wedding!  Well there may have been a joyful tear during the ceremony but no full-on sobbing.  I was too happy and proud and intent on what we were doing – getting hitched that is.  [I was also intent on what I was doing in the limo ride to the hotel later on . . . *cough cough*]

. . . . . . . . . .

Next week is Tux’s birthday so we’ll be very busy then too.  We’ve a few drinks-with-friends and lunches and romantick [sic] dinners lined up, plus a bit of a shopping spree for the man.  He’s already got his birthday present, an absolutely divine laptop computer [Sony Vaio VGN FW27GUH with Blu Ray writer, lots of speccy specs, very sexy*] which was rather expensif but my man is worth it.  He also needed it as his desktop was dying and overheating like fuck, sending our power bills through the roof, not good.  Plus the laptop will be much handier for his work and general on-the-go geekery.

* I’m not being sarcastic, I DO think it’s very sexy and gorgeous;  I’m as much a geek as Tux.  I’m also a book-geek and a cook-geek; geekery comes in many forms.  In fact my cook- and book-geeks just about exploded with delight a week ago when I found a cookbook I’d been yearning after for ages;  Andrea Nguyen’s Into The Vietnamese Kitchen, which despite being an award-winning book and simply fantastic, wasn’t to be found in any bookshop anywhere here in Australia.  I decided I’d have to order it from Amazon UK or The Book Depository [FREE shipping from the UK?!  And the prices!  omg W00000t!!!!1] when it magically appeared in Borders – categorised in the wrong section mind you but there it was!  Oh the excitement!  I’ve got a great long list of all the yummy things I’ll be cooking, mmmmm.  It’s a brilliant book and the best on Vietnamese food and culture I’ve seen – I also have Mai Pham’s Pleasures Of The Vietnamese Table and Pauline Nguyen’s Secrets Of The Red Lantern but Into The Vietnamese Kitchen is way, way better.  Canhs, khos and gio, here I come!

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