Pimp my ride

[Recent hiatus / lack of posting due to a couple of crap weeks;  major flare ups of pain and more Coeliac attacks WHEE.  Of course I missed a few lessons which is most upsetting; I’ve really come to rely on them as points to head for, to get me through the weeks.]

So I had a birthday a few weeks back – thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes in comments / emails, it means so much – and I was fortunate to get some pretty nice loot, some horse-related.

A brief tangent:  What’s your opinion vis a vis Gift Cards?  I’ve been told that they are mercantile, unimaginative and thoughtless but I think they’re FABULOUS.  They’re excellent from the point of view that one can choose that special something [from the special someones] that one really wants when one wants it.  Let’s face it, once you are Grown Up and have your own home, partner, interests etc, the last thing you want is more crap to fill up that house.  If you’re like me you have wish lists / priority lists of Stuff You Really Need eg bras and knickers, clothes, non stick frypan, saving up for new blinds and security doors for the living room et al.  And surely GCs are a helluva lot easier for the gift-er, especially if they work and / aor have small children in tow so shopping isn’t exactly a fun or carefree experience. 

. . . . . . . . . .

As mentioned in a previous post my birthday present from Tux was a bit of a shopping spree, which occurred mostly at a MAC counter and the Horseland store where I nabbed a pair of jodhpurs [“stickers” ie with a suede seat and inner calf], suede half chaps, and a light weight three-quarter length water proof jacket.  Highly delighted I was, especially as they were all on sale too!  Major bonus!

I love love love the jodhs and half chaps – they do make a significant difference which I wasn’t totally convinced about prior to purchase.  My seat doesn’t slip around on the saddle anywhere near as much and the half-chaps are superb for the additional grip and pressure for all that leg on leg on LEG ON work.  Of course my skill level is improving but the proper gear always helps. 

It’s like cyclists and their padded lycra; it may look silly to non-cyclists but it too is essential for a comfier and improved ride.  Also the padding is really essential for male cyclists.  The padding helps prevent the pain of getting a cross bar in the groin, of course, but I’ve got one word for those who still think it’s “gay”:  IMPOTENCE.   The brilliant poisonous-Amazonion-tree-frog colours are required for visibility; plain dark prints are an invitation to get knocked down by a bus.  It’s been proven that a bright, broken-up pattern is more visible and noticeable in any weather but especially dark and wintery.  Tux’s preferred brand is Assos, which is expensive but oh so worth it.  It’s scientifically engineered to fit the body in movement, has fantastic padding [so we’re both happy about that …] and it lasts ages which cheap flimsy crap does not.  He also likes the team colours available on lots of online sites because of the bright patterns [see again: visibility].

Speaking of half chaps [well I was … before the tangent on cycling wear], I actually wanted the neoprene washable type but all were way way too long for my short round calves.  Bummer.  Sue from Flying Changes has since pointed me in the direction of halfchaps.co.uk who deliver internationally yay.  Their range of half-chaps come in more sizes than S, M and L;  the sizing takes into account the fact that not everyone is 175 cm and 60 kg.   Groovy colours and flashy bits too!  Grey Horse Matters also pointed out that Ariat are a bit more accommodating to those lacking “broomstick legs” so I’ll be following up on those tips.

My other riding clothes – boots, gloves, helmet – won’t need replacing for quite some time.  I bought quality stuff at the start but they’ll need to be pimped at some stage too. 

. . . . . . . . . .

Oh and also, further to a post and comments by 20 metre circle of life, undergarments are also key items for one’s riding comfort and efficacy.

A really excellent sports bra is crucial especially if one happens to be a D cup because OH DEAR FUCK after half an hour circling and serpentining at rising trot those babies hurt.  Not to mention risk of bruising or eye injury …  My preferred breastplate is a Berlei Sports Bra, designed for runners and high impact / bounce sports.  It’s the basic bra-shape with under-wiring and padded straps; I’ve tried the crop-top design and it just doesn’t work for my shape – probably fine for those less um endowed.

Then there’s knickers.  I figured that G-Strings would be my best bet, due to [a] the whole VPL issue and [b] you’re going to get fabric wedged up your butt no matter what, it might as well be the minimal amount, right?  Well I thought I was onto a good thing and hadn’t suffered any major discomfort until the day all my skimpy undies were in the wash so I was forced to wear a pair of hipster briefs.  OOOOOH yes, much better … I haven’t experienced any wedging and the extra bit of fabric in the seat region [ie, arse] assists general stickability.  Basically, there’s more padding on bum, more control on tum, and being hipsters they are low cut enough at the lower torso and high cut enough at the sides that the worst of VPL is avoided.

Any other “necessities” I should start saving up for?  [along with those blinds and security doors …]

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  • Tux  On Thursday 28 August 2008 at 6:33 pm

    The brilliant poisonous-Amazonion-tree-frog colours are required for visibility…..

    Especially Hot Pink!

  • jewel and abu  On Friday 29 August 2008 at 6:22 am

    as always buy the best you can afford it lasts the longest. As for foundation garmets ( a snooty sales girl referred to bra/panties at the fancy store) I would not wear gstring,,,,ew feels like someone is following to close behind. I really like the super hi cut or brazillian cut cotton pantys. My luck if I wear to wear g string it would be the day I split the seat out of the breeches…I have almost no boobs so a cotton sports bra is ok as there is no bounce to begin with!! Do you see a cotton trend here? I am super sensitive to fabrics and can not tolerate anything that might even look itchy or scratchy. I use more fabric softener than detergent… HINT buy breech wash!! It makes them ubber wonderful and helps them hold up, hang dry.

    And I would take a gidt VISA/MC/AMX/ any day unless I have supplied giver with an EXACT shopping list. I am picky picky picky!!

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