It’s my party

… and I’d rather not cry at all thank you VERY much.

So the birthday was yesterday – very auspicious and lucky with all those eights – 08-08-08 [what a pity I wasn’t born in 1970 then I’d have been 38 on 08-08-08 … oh well no-one’s perfect and I was an accident anyway]  – and I’m feeling damn fine about turning 39.  Given that I was told, at the age of 22, that I wouldn’t make it to 30, and that despite other dire predictions from “medical professionals” and EDS statistics, I’m still not in a wheelchair!  W00t!  Go me, etcetera.

It’s been a really nice week as Tuxedo took the whole week off; he really needed the break from work, and it was absolutely lovely having him around, being able to hang out together or do our own thing, just knowing he was there.  Is that too cutesy you want to puke?  Apologies.  Anyway he got in a lot of quality time on Guild Wars while I had my pony time and lots of sleep.

So yesterday – Friday – we’d planned something a bit different for my birthday celebrations.  The usual practice – as far as we are “usual” or “normal” in any way – is to head out at night for a big fancy dinner and for Tux to surprise me [ie shock me into stunned and round-eyed impressed silence] with a major and totally unexpected present*.  This year, given we’d bought a house and all and are somewhat financially challenged, Tux’s idea was to have a Grand Day Out;  brunch / lunch at our favourite café in the city and then a bit of a shopping spree for me. 


* Exhibits A through C:  2007 – Sony Vaio Laptop and iPod engraved with “Shine on you crazy diamond”;  2006 – white and yellow gold three-diamond bezel set ring;   2004 – sage green and gold lace Collette Dinnigan dress – yes I KNOW!  He’s pretty damn amazing at the gift thing.  I know my mother was as jealous and pissed off as hell about the ring mwahahahaha.

. . . . . . . . . .

We got off to a late start, having had a late and busy night [well Tux HAD to sing happy birthday to me at midnight, and then there’s many exceedingly enjoyable ways of seeing in one’s fortieth year which may or may not be energetic and involve a lot of noise.  You know, like, um … ah … paper squeakers?] so we sat down to lunch at around noon-ish.

Etro Café [49 King Street, for any Perthites] is one of our very favourite places for brunch / lunch.  The food and coffee are sensational and – even better – they have in-house baked gluten free bread and other yummies and know all about Coeliacs so it’s extra-special in that respect.  Breakfast is on until 15:00 on the weekend but finishes up at 11:00 during the week.  My default order is the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict [*bliss*] but obviously we’d missed breakfast so I had THE most perfect pan fried whiting and shoestring chips.  Tux had a Tandoori Chicken Baguette which looked gorgeous, and we both had a cute piccolo bottle of sparkling wine.  YUM.

After the divine lunch and straight-to-my-head sparkly we set off on our expedition.  Via the Sony Shop to check out laptops for Tuxedo, then wandered to Myer, specifically the MAC Counter.  Whee!  I had my list all ready [in my head this time!] and the salesgirl was totally unfazed by my rapid-fire delivery, which impressed me.  I got a bunch of lovely girly goodies which I’ll share / review later.

Next stop: jewellery store.  I was after a very simple silver / white gold chain for my white gold heart pendant;  flattened curb, close fine links, 40 cm.  Found a rather nice one at Mazzuchelli’s, in 9 ct white gold, but at AUD 150.00 and with an inferior clasp it gave me pause.  Off to Antika where I’d bought the previous black rubber chokers that had all broken within a fortnight – rather unimpressed by that – where despite my misgivings I found a much nicer chain with a superior parrot clasp, in silver, for AUD 14.00.  So that decision really required some deep thought, hmmmm.

After a reviving coffee break at the Merchant, now wearing my pendant on it’s new, very pretty AUD 14.00 chain, we grabbed a taxi and headed for the next hunting site;  Horseland!

. . . . . . . . . .

My ever patient and delightful husband who had somehow not yet suffered a shopping-induced cerebral haemorrhage, stood by as I wrangled with jodhpurs and half chaps.  Not a particularly fun or confidence-boosting exercise … Horse riding gear is obviously designed for women who are 5’9” and as thin as a rake.  I’m small and round.  Jodhpurs come down way past my toes and the inner knee / calf padding tends to place somewhere around my ankle.  Eventually I found a pair that would do [Dublin Supafit Stickers] and then it was on to the half chaps.  OH DEAR.  Let us draw a blank over those proceedings …

I really, really need to do some online research.  I mean I can’t be the only small curvaceous woman with short muscular calves!  Argh.  I did buy a pair but I’m not convinced they’re right for me; if they turn out to be a disaster I’ll donate them to some taller skeletal person.  Pffft.

[Sue?  Jewel?  Anybody?  One desperately requires URL’s of online riding clothing stores with international shipping and larger and more interesting ranges [and sizes].  Oh and Sue, THANK YOU, will definitely be giving a go, they look terrific, I like the ones with hi-viz piping and stars, and the summer weight ones will be a godsend in an Aussie summer.]

I cheered up when I realised that I’d got everything so far on sale;  also that winter wear was an extra 30 – 50% off so with Tuxedo’s assistance and extensive knowledge of riding [bicycles] in the cold and wet I selected a very nice waterproof / weatherproof three-quarter length jacket.  Some nice features including Coolmax mesh / wicking inside, ventilations, adjustable cuffs, very lightweight, and there are two zippers running down the front so you can do up the jacket from bottom to top then undo halfway from eg hip length to the end so it sits well when riding.  Nice one.  I came in under budget on the whole day AND scored a good quality winter / rain coat.  Whee again!

Then it was time for home and a “nap”.  It was a great day with perfect weather, and it was actually really nice to just relax at home in the evening;  light dinners for both of us while I watched “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” and had a satisfying snivel.  I love that movie – nice of SBS to schedule it especially for me.

. . . . . . . . . .

Of course no perfect day – especially a birthday – would be complete without some running interference and burst of negativity from one’s miserable old bullying bitch of a mother.  FUCKING MOTHERS.  Mine knows so well how to spoil everything.  I won’t detail the morning’s “Happy Birthday” call, except to say that I wasn’t wished a happy birthday or told to have a nice day.   Something has to give here; here I am at 39 and STILL going through all this;  no matter how hard I try to rise above it all she deliberately hurts me deeply.  In fact the more I try to detach the more severe and irrational the attacks and the more vulnerable and emotionally wobbly I feel.  It’s all about control and power play and it’s getting worse.

My brothers and dad – and Tux too – really don’t get why I am so affected but [a] she’s my mother and [b] she saves her most vicious irrationalities for me.  I don’t know if I need psychological help with this one or if drastic measures eg parental divorce are required.  All I know is it’s not fair on Tux to have me on this emotional rollercoaster [or to have such a cow of a MIL], and it’s not making my life easy or healthy.  Also that I wouldn’t tolerate such bullying from anybody else; they’d be disembowelled on the spot.  Help?

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  • D  On Monday 11 August 2008 at 5:29 am

    Happy Birthday from the other end of the thirties! Man, weird. Usual suspects came over for what was supposed to be a bbq but, because the weather has been a mite unpredictable, turned out to be grilled indoors food. Fun was had, Cranium was played and Tiger beer was drunk. I just wish I had taken tomorrow off so I could party on, but of course there’s a wee fella to look after so that wouldn’t be fair on Mommy either.

    Speaking of Mommies, two words: caller ID. Is it too much to hope that she doesn’t know where you live? 🙂

  • greyhorsematters  On Tuesday 12 August 2008 at 4:58 am

    Happy Birthday, sounds like you had a great shopping trip and got lots of good stuff. The only half-chaps I’ve found that fit calves that are not broomsticks would be the Ariat line. Look them up in a catalog online. Hope it helps.

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