Soup & sandwich entry

 Life has been rather slow and tedious around here lately, but the general state of affairs is fortunately improving.  My life is one case of “this too shall pass” after another!  April was a good month; I was full of energy, getting back into exercise, and whimpering-in-pain was at a minimum.  Just as well, given the whole moving-house thing; being laid up then could have been a minor disaster.

May pretty much sucked, mainly due to the fucking atrocious weather.  Most soft-tissue / rheumatological conditions are exacerbated by changes in weather / barometric pressure, and I’m a perfect example.  In fact, I’m better than the Met. Bureau, I can predict a weather change a day or two in advance, just “feeling it in my bones” [said in quavery nana voice].  This means trouble; lots of pain, swollen inflamed joints and muscle spasms galore – on top of the “usual” snafu. 

So, May.  Barometric pressure swooping UP and DOWN every six hours; daily temperatures bounding from min to max in huge leaps [eg, 6C in the morning, with a top of 26C? … fuck me], lots of rain, insanely high humidity, thunderstorms.  Crazy.

The result being I spent most of May in bed, yelping pitifully and shovelling in handfuls of painkillers and muscle relaxants with the occasional totter to the microwave to nuke my heat pack once again [which is another bummer; it’s full of fucking WHEAT and I’m allergic to wheat and the smell makes me want to puke, le sigh].

[And then there’s the fact that I haven’t been eating, like ANYTHING, because I have no appetite and I puke at the mere thought; oh and did you know that morphine makes you constipated?  Wheeee!  My mid-section feels like it’s made of concrete.]

. . . . . . . . . .

However things are picking up, as they do if I hang on through the crap times long enough – excepting 2007 of course which was 12 months of unmitigated horror – and I am again venturing out of bed*, getting dressed et al, switching on my laptop for the first time in three weeks.  Also kick-starting the exercise programme, actually EATING, and getting on with all the other stuff that makes up my day. 

If I posted daily, my entries would be incredibly boring – the “soup and sandwich” type of entry but with more dittos.  So just so you know, this is how I spend my day normally.  Please Note:  this is on a Medium To Good day, which are unfortunately quite rare.  On a bad day I can barely get out of bed to pee and feed the cats …  And there’s more crying and screaming and a lot more handfuls of meds.

0600:          Wake up;  groan, moan and cry

0605:          Take handful meds  [painkillers;  more painkillers;  BCP;  diuretics;  anti-nausea]

0630:          Feed cats;  Sustagen [hospital formula meal replacement powder] smoothie for “breakfast”

0700:          Cuddle and talk to cats;  boiling hot shower;  skin care

0730:          Smooch on Tuxedo on his way out the door to work

Read;  write;  web-surf;  kept company by cats

1030:          Shovel in another handful meds  [painkillers;  more painkillers;  muscle relaxants]

1100:          Nap, cuddled up with cats

1400:          Lunch – maybe

1430:          Potter around, eg laundry;  housework;  paperwork

Errands out; shopping;  appointments;  socialising

1600:          Exercise – yoga, pilates, core strength training, weights, rowing, whatever

1700:          More meds [as previous] and a short nap

1800:          Prep dinner

1830:          Welcome Tuxedo home;  snuggles;  drinkies

2000:          Dinner … I might even eat some

2100:          Feed cats;  cuddle and talk to cats

2130:          Read;  write;  web-surf

                  Hand-washing;  cleaning etc

2330:          Another handful meds [as previous plus extras for migraine;  sleeping;  allergies;  anti-nausea];  read bedtime story;  sleep

0230:          Have nightmare, wake Tux with whimpering and screaming and flailing about

Cuddle Tux and cats

0330:          Go back to sleep – maybe


See, it’s not exactly EXCITING.  Thank your lucky stars I don’t post daily, right? 

And yes, my gorgeous kitties are amazing company and I would go completely postal if it wasn’t for them [that is, not just a little bit parcel like I am now].

. . . . . . . . . .

* We finally bought a NEW BED, having thoroughly worn out the old one.  It’s a Sleepmaker Diamond Plush PostureZone [or something], Queen-Size ensemble, with a pillow-top which cushions all the icky owie pressure points but still provides great support; some of the really pricey ones we tried had twenty centimetre-thick pillow tops that felt like we were being absorbed into the bed like a fly in a pitcher plant … somewhat disconcerting.  We got a fantastic deal too – a $2200 bed, and we got it for $1600 – yay us.   It took a week or so to get used to the new bed but oh wow it’s HEAVEN.  So supportive and comfy, the only problem is I don’t want to get out of bed, now.

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