Rock star

We have had some major drama with Ruadhàn over the past few days, when he made a fine attempt at taking on a rock star lifestyle, well the drugs part anyway.  [He seems to prefer the blues, and as for sex, well he’s neutered so that could only ever be a faint dream.]

On Thursday night Tux and I were watching Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares*, became a little preoccupied and so missed most of the programme.  We also missed seeing exactly where Ruadhàn found the capsule of heavy-duty painkiller that he was disembowelling so flamboyantly on the carpet.  Nooooooo!

We leapt into action, Tuxedo bundling Ruadhàn and Aoife [just in case she’d done more than sniff] into their crates, while I phoned the Murdoch University Emergency Vet Clinic who told us to bring him in immediately, which we’d already figured out, and then called my lovely dad to please please please come and act as cat ambulance**.

Luckily we got there in good time and were processed immediately.  Ruadhàn and Aoife were whisked away and Tux had just finished filling out the paperwork when the vet on duty called us in.  Aoife was fine but Ruadhàn was already tripping – “zonked” was the medical term used, which we found quite amusing – with huge dilated pupils and a dazed expression.  Apparently the maximum dose of that particular drug that a cat can take without fatal effects is about 1.8 mg per kilogram.  Our idiot animal had just ingested about 40 times that so there was cause for alarm.

Emetics were out as he had an empty stomach and had ingested way too much.   He was placed on a drip and started on regular doses of a medication to reverse the painkiller, as well as fluids and charcoal to help flush out his system, and checked into Betty Ford the hospital for the night.  His prognosis was good as we’d got him to the hospital so quickly; if we had been later or hadn’t noticed him playing with the capsule he would have died … I get all teared up thinking of the possibility.

By this time it was about midnight so we took Aoife back home leaving Ruadhàn to his fun night.  I called in the early hours and was told he was doing well, still very “zonked” of course, and having bouts of hyperactivity [hyper and aggressive behaviour is the usual reaction to such chemicals].  He stayed in the hospital all day Friday and overnight as well, to continue treatment and ensure he was absolutely fine before coming home.  We called for regular updates and were told he was in good condition, alert and vocal and the drugs were being successfully flushed out of his system.

The clinic called us early Saturday morning to let us know he was fine, smooching up to everyone, purring and being his usual demanding self, and we could come and pick him up.   The staff [vets and nurses] were much amused by his druggie self and sweet character.   Ruadhàn and Aoife made quite a hit at the clinic actually; the vets and nurses commenting on their gorgeous natures, so sweet, inquisitive and funny even in frightening surroundings, their long beautifully soft fur and striking colouration, and the vet nurses asked lots of questions about their breed.  I think Maine Coons have several new fans after this weekend.

So Ruadhàn survived his ordeal – and so did we!  It was a very scary few days, even knowing he was in the best and safest hands and receiving the only possible treatment, and that his prognosis was good.  I can’t thank and praise the Murdoch University Vet School Hospital enough; the staff are all so pleasant and sweet to patients and their owners, the emergency service is very efficient, and the vets and vet nurses are fantastic. 

Hopefully that will be the end of Ruadhàn’s rock star dreams, and he’ll be content with winning the hearts of adoring fans with his good looks … because he certainly doesn’t have much in the way of brains!***

. . . . . . . . . .

* on our gorgeous new TV – a Sony Bravia X-Series HDTV, 40 inch screen; we have quite the home theatre entertainment system now with surround sound speakers, Blu-Ray player [the Playstation 3] and link to the network so we can access all our music and video files.  Geek heaven

** Yes there are times when not having a car is incredibly inconvenient; there’s no way we could have got a taxi in time [even though the service has improved somewhat of late]

*** Apparently male Maine Coons are dumber than the females; Aoife is definitely much smarter than Ruadhàn, quicker at solving problems and puzzles, and in general has a brighter more feisty nature than her brother who is a big placid boof-head

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