Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ …

I’m back, finally, after weeks of packing, moving, unpacking, organising and re-organising, settling into Our Very Own Home.  It’s been exhausting, and oh-so-wonderful.  We got 98% of the move done in one day, which is pretty incredible by anyone’s standards.  Getting everything well packed, boxed up and clearly marked, and keeping a running spreadsheet of what was packed in what box and it’s final location in New House was time-consuming but worth it.   I had to go back to The Hovel a couple more times in the following weeks to clean and do various chores which was unbelievably depressing.   It’s so good to be out of there …

The cats are happy about it too.  They have three times the space to run about in, including a set of stairs which they thunder up and roll down fighting like cartoon characters, fur flying.  They are also VERY interested in Outside.  We’ve taken them out on harness but it will be sometime yet before they are allowed out to play unencumbered as we are going to build a cat enclosure.  We don’t want an aviary, so are looking at metal-post-and-bird-wire fencing that’s attached to the existing fence and incorporates an arch curving inwards at the top so the cats can’t scale over.  I’ve done a fair bit of research into what works and what breeders use [the ones who give their cats plenty of space to play outdoors, anyway] so hopefully that will work.

. . . . . . . . . .

Being in your own home is a fantastic feeling.  The place felt like “home” at once, in a way that no rental – however pretty and spacious, which ours was emphatically not – ever can.  Walking in the door of the old place to clean and pack the last remaining bits-and-bobs was a recipe for instant depression, while our own place felt friendly and cheerful, even with boxes and packing materials strewn throughout.

One of the many things I love about our place is the amount of natural light.  This was one of the requirements on our long list when we were house shopping back last year [the list ran to three pages and covered everything from position relative to the sun to kitchen and bathroom design; we were damn thorough and are reaping the benefits of my anal retentiveness].  In The Hovel we’d have to switch the lights on at 3.30 pm in summer, earlier if I wanted enough light to read and write. 

Our first morning here I thought the lights had been left on upstairs and flicked switches an embarrassing number of times before I realised; oh.  We couldn’t sleep properly our first few nights because the place was so quiet and dark in contrast to The Hovel – the peace and tranquility was almost disturbing.

It’s not a big place, we didn’t want a huge quarter-acre or anything high maintenance – let alone a fixer-upper.  It’s a three bedroom two bathroom townhouse with a decent size courtyard / garden out the back.  It’s very deceptive; from the front all you can see is the front door and a bit of walled in garden [with washing line and access laundry door] so visitors think “oh it’s tiny”;  the entrance opens out onto the top floor with bedrooms no. two and three, laundry, and a big bathroom with shower stall and bench / basin. 

Downstairs there’s a really big open living and dining area that looks out onto the courtyard through full length windows and sliding doors.  The master bedroom and bathroom are also on the ground floor; the master bedroom has the full wall of windows and sliding doors into the courtyard too.  All bedrooms have massive built-in-robes and the room Tux has claimed as his office [“the CIC”] has a big walk in closet where he keeps his clothes and bike.  The second bedroom is my office / library / gym and there is still room to move!

My favourite part of the house has to be the kitchen.  It is approximately three times the size of The Hovel, loads of bench space and under-counter drawers and cupboards, over-head cupboard space and a big walk in pantry.   It’s so well designed; the position of the cook-top in relation to the fridge in relation to the sink [a double sink!] is perfect – known as the Golden Triangle.  There is also a dishwasher [of the plug-in variety; not Tux] and a wall oven which I love; so much better than having to bend down to heave out cast iron casseroles.  It’s a pleasure to cook in, and I’m sparking with recipe ideas and plans in a way I haven’t been for ages.  I might even get some more recipes up here, wow.

. . . . . . . . . .

I have a lot to catch up on, online and “real life”;  all the moving-related business plus we were without ‘phone and internet access for over two weeks which was absolute torture, so things-to-do have really piled up – but have lots to report so should post again soon.

Oh, and also – please note I now have a dedicated email address, being otterkat [at] pr3y [dot] com

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