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Gluten-free days

No matter how picky I try to be, my bookmarks list in IE frequently gets a bit out of control and I have to go through and do a bit of a cull of sites and blogs I no longer visit, for whatever reason.  If I get fed up with a blog or site, no matter how famous, my response is to – get this – stop reading.  Given the amount of hate mail famous bloggers receive along the lines of “I used to like you but since you [insert life-changing event] your site SUCKS”, my response is quite unusual, even if I tend to agree. [I’m naming no names … ]

The links I give on my blog are my ultimate preciousesssss and while I may not stop by one or two as frequently as I used to I always return to their safe and beloved pages [I mean, url’s].   One site I hadn’t visited for a while is Gluten Free Girl, who I’ve enjoyed since her beginnings [who could forget her red wedding cowboy boots?]; it was so good to check back and see what she was up to – a book out, and a baby on the way, no less.

Not to mention G-Free Girl’s food is downright yummy [there’s a recipe there for G-Free Irish Soda Bread which I have to make for my own gorgeous Irishman].  It got me thinking though, that I rarely post about being gluten free and Coeliac Disease.  EDS and my sundry aches, pains and grizzles get the air-time, which isn’t fair; not to mention there’s way more people who can relate to Coeliac and it’s distressing consequences than can to my other, more rare, auto-immune whatsit.

I’m going to put up an “About Coeliac Disease” page but I hope to post a bit more than I have been, about going gluten-free and the life changes, gluten-free food and recipes. Continue reading


Rock star

We have had some major drama with Ruadhàn over the past few days, when he made a fine attempt at taking on a rock star lifestyle, well the drugs part anyway.  [He seems to prefer the blues, and as for sex, well he’s neutered so that could only ever be a faint dream.]

On Thursday night Tux and I were watching Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares*, became a little preoccupied and so missed most of the programme.  We also missed seeing exactly where Ruadhàn found the capsule of heavy-duty painkiller that he was disembowelling so flamboyantly on the carpet.  Nooooooo! Continue reading

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ …

I’m back, finally, after weeks of packing, moving, unpacking, organising and re-organising, settling into Our Very Own Home.  It’s been exhausting, and oh-so-wonderful.  We got 98% of the move done in one day, which is pretty incredible by anyone’s standards.  Getting everything well packed, boxed up and clearly marked, and keeping a running spreadsheet of what was packed in what box and it’s final location in New House was time-consuming but worth it.   I had to go back to The Hovel a couple more times in the following weeks to clean and do various chores which was unbelievably depressing.   It’s so good to be out of there … Continue reading