Our house [in the middle of the street … ]

We’re currently right in the middle of the Joy Of Packing up the contents of our flat [aka The Hovel] for our move on Monday … from the rental into our very very own house!  Wahey!  Moving is exhausting and stressful, no doubt about it.  We’re pretty experienced at this by now though so have a good system going, and my penchant for lists and spreadsheets does come in handy even if I get a bit of flak for it at times … Heh.

So … things are very very busy and insane around here, but also incredibly exciting.  We’ve done a little shopping – some v exciting electrical / appliances et al – OMG the HD TV and accoutrements are to die for, more later] and gone through several rolls of sticky tape, brown paper and bubble wrap, oh my.  Will post again in more detail soon as we’re moved in  – see you on the other side …

[the kitties are a tad freaked with all the packing / dismantling of shelving et al but I know they’re going to be so happy and excited in the New Place with all that space to explore – w00t]

. . . . . . . . . .

Aaaaand …. Just a quick update on the horse riding lessons.  I love it, I’m having so much fun, doing really well, and the health and strength are holding up.  I’m getting lots of comments from coaches along the lines of “are you SURE you haven’t had a riding lesson in twenty years?” so it seems I’m quite good at this!  Talk about surprised and very, very pleased with myself!  It’s an amazing feeling.  WOW I’m actually GOOD at something!

Ooh, and apparently I am a fantastic communicator with the horses, they go well for me and we get a good “conversation” going, I get them going forward and on the bit and we listen to each other.  How cool is that?  I think it’s because I like hanging out with them, getting to know them as fellow beasts, learning their body language and preferences.  I’ve already seen differences between the way the same horse works with me, going well and forward, while being a right bastard with another rider.  SO COOL.  And no, I’m not getting penis-y, don’t worry.  I’ll probably fall off next week.

Ooh again, I’ve been told I have wonderful strong, quiet hands and a great seat … hmmm maybe Tux could have told them that before, yeah?

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  • sandrar  On Thursday 10 September 2009 at 9:41 pm

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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