[No] Ticket to ride …

Well, DAY-UM, I never got to ride this week!  Talk about disappointed … 

The whole story is very boring and of the “she said … then SHE said” variety, but basically I needed either one of my two doctors [the rheumatologist / sports medicine guy or my GP] to sign a consent form for the RDA.  Just a squiggle under a paragraph stating that given the normal risks yadda yadda there was no reason for me not to engage in aforementioned activities.  That’s all.  As I’d discussed the plan to take up riding again with both docs, and they were both very pleased with the idea, I figured getting the sig. would be EASY.

No.  No.  And again NO.  You know why?  Because of deliberately obstructive bitches of medical receptionists, that’s why.  Who simply refused to take the form and try and get it signed, even over several days. 

Now, I’ve been a medical receptionist-type person  – I was Executive Assistant [a posh PA – also with higher pay] to a transplant surgeon and I know how difficult it can be to catch these guys between patients / surgery / consults and get letters signed, prescriptions made out etc etc.  But still … AARGH. 

An entire two weeks of lessons lost, and meanwhile the folks out at the RDA Centre were being so accommodating and saying “oh if you can’t make Tuesday, come Thursday” … but I still missed Thursday too.

*bangs head against wall*


*crosses fingers for this week*

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  • Sue  On Monday 3 March 2008 at 5:48 pm

    Bummer!!! Don’t other people KNOW how important horseriding is??? [Nope :)]
    Hang in there, though, you’ll be back up there before you know it.

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