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Our house [in the middle of the street … ]

We’re currently right in the middle of the Joy Of Packing up the contents of our flat [aka The Hovel] for our move on Monday … from the rental into our very very own house!  Wahey!  Moving is exhausting and stressful, no doubt about it.  We’re pretty experienced at this by now though so have a good system going, and my penchant for lists and spreadsheets does come in handy even if I get a bit of flak for it at times … Heh. Continue reading


Beauty and the beast: Hair

Hair / Long beautiful hair / Shining, gleaming, steaming, flaxen, waxen … 

Hair can be the bane of a person’s life.  Too much, too little, too straight, too curly, too thick, too fine, too unmanageable.  An enormous industry is built on thousands of products of must-haves to curl, volumise, texturise, smooth, straighten, condition, tame, tousle, gloss, silken. 

Then there’s all the tools – ionic hair dryers with names that sound like James Cameron movies, ceramic hair straighteners and curling irons, I don’t know what else [no, really, I don’t know, have no idea].  Continue reading

Aoife and Ruadhan update – 03/08

We took the kitties to the vet last week for their yearly vaccinations and check-up.   Our lovely vet, who saw us through the long bout of cat flu last year [and who was so supportive and sweet to me when Abigail had to be put to sleep] was thrilled to see us – but especially thrilled to see the fluffballs.

He was especially impressed with Aoife.  As I lifted her out of her crate I was coo-ing “come on, little girl …” and Dr A’s eyes widened and he said “oh my goodness!  That’s not little!  Are you sure it’s a cat?”  She is rather magnificent, it’s true.  She weighed in at over 6 kg, a big difference from August last year, when Dr A. wasn’t optimistic about her chances of making it.  He gave her a big cuddle and stroke and she played up to him, like the big tart she is. Continue reading

Riding lesson no. 1

After last week’s frustrating time with medical secretaries and trying to get my medical consent form signed [until I had that in my hot little hand I couldn’t ride] I was well and truly champing at the bit for my FIRST LESSON of the term on Tuesday.  I’ve missed two lessons because of paperwork, but there’s another class I can go to during the week, on Thursdays, so I can have extra lessons to make up the missed ones.  Wahey!

So Tuesday was my first lesson; I was all dressed and ready to go.  Black eventer’s helmet, check; horse-frightening black jods, check; riding gloves, check but not required yet, also in this heat my hands would be swimming in sweat in thirty seconds; jodhpur boots, required – I borrowed a pair for the lesson and am off to buy a nice wee pair of jodhpur boots today.  Lashings of SPF 30+ sunscreen, check.  Dad picked me up and drove me out to the stable …


Depressing thoughts

There have been a lot of articles and studies reported lately, regarding anti-depressant medications – SSRIs* in particular – over-prescription of such medication, and efficacy thereof.

*  SSRIs = Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors; a class of anti-depressants that increases the levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin.  Basically [very basically!], increased levels of serotonin improves sense of well-being, activity levels, social confidence.  Brand names include Prozac, Seroxat, Efexor.

For the record I should state that I’m very much in favour of the use of SSRIs for the treatment of depression.  Continue reading

[No] Ticket to ride …

Well, DAY-UM, I never got to ride this week!  Talk about disappointed … 

The whole story is very boring and of the “she said … then SHE said” variety, but basically I needed either one of my two doctors [the rheumatologist / sports medicine guy or my GP] to sign a consent form for the RDA.  Just a squiggle under a paragraph stating that given the normal risks yadda yadda there was no reason for me not to engage in aforementioned activities.  That’s all.  As I’d discussed the plan to take up riding again with both docs, and they were both very pleased with the idea, I figured getting the sig. would be EASY.

No.  No.  And again NO.  You know why?  Because of deliberately obstructive bitches of medical receptionists, that’s why.  Who simply refused to take the form and try and get it signed, even over several days. 

Now, I’ve been a medical receptionist-type person  – I was Executive Assistant [a posh PA – also with higher pay] to a transplant surgeon and I know how difficult it can be to catch these guys between patients / surgery / consults and get letters signed, prescriptions made out etc etc.  But still … AARGH. 

An entire two weeks of lessons lost, and meanwhile the folks out at the RDA Centre were being so accommodating and saying “oh if you can’t make Tuesday, come Thursday” … but I still missed Thursday too.

*bangs head against wall*


*crosses fingers for this week*