Otterkat updates

I’ve made a couple of updates and changes to Otterkat recently :-

          updated links in general

          added a new links category, Horse, for my favourite horse people and horse bloggers

          updated the links category for foodies and floggers, it’s now called Food, Cooks, Gourmets

          updated the links category for beauty blogs et al, it’s now Make Up, Beauty Blogs, Guilty Pleasures.  I’ve also subtracted a fair few blogs and added some new good ones

          added a new post category called Horse Talk  Wanna Wanna Pony!, because I do; also for posts about my highs and lows and experiences with horses and riding, and horse people

          amended the Menagerie post category to Kitten Caboodle, to reflect it’s mostly-about-cats nature [Kitten Caboodle, as in “kit and caboodle”, geddit?  OK I’m lame but I thought it was cute]

          merged the Health and Science post categories into one

          I’ll edit the About pages at some point too.

I think that’s it.  Check out the new people!  I’ll feature some of my new imaginary friends here and there in the next weeks.  And big hellos and thanks to the new visitors.

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