Too darn hot

The weather here lately has been horrific, a nightmare. Since Christmas it’s been over 35C every day, heading up to 38C and 40C, with crazy humidity.  Our dog-box of a flat is vile; it is dark and dingy and even when there’s a bit of a mid-afternoon or nightly sea-breeze, the design and placement is such that no matter how many doors/windows/curtains we open, there’s no flow through.  We’ve had the a/c and the fan in the bedroom on constantly but they make little impact – that’s the problem with the relentless heat and humidity, it gets in and damn well stays in.

Yes, we will be glad to move into our new, very own townhouse, you think?  In the meantime we have at least a couple more fortnights of hell.  Hmmm, Hell itself would probably be more fun, come to think of it.  That’s if I believed in it, which I don’t of course.

Along with the atrocious heat, I’ve had another looooong migraine, which is now in it’s fifth week.  Yep, fifth.  Pain, weird visual effects [blurring to mosaic patterns, fuzziness in peripheral vision], more pain.  I’ve spent most of the last month/s in bed.  It gets extremely boring, especially when one’s eyesight is so fucked up one can’t even read.  So that’s been me.  I have been to the doctor, which is a bit of a miracle given how extra-anti-medico I am these days.  I gave my specialist a miss and headed off to my GP/primary care physician, who is incidentally a darling, who checked me over and suggested an increase in dosage of a couple of my candy collection.  And, you know, that collection kinda makes Heath Ledger look like a pussy.  Yes, very bad taste but it’s the truth, that’s what I’m “on” here.  It’s not as fun as you might think, either …

Anyway, the dosage increase didn’t work so after a couple of days of increasing screaming and writhing I nagged and badgered the stubborn receptionist to squeeze me in for another appointment.  That really shits me – it’s not just a sniffle here.  The doc gave me a bunch of yummy, deep, owie injections in my neck – those charming greater occipital nerves of mine up to their old tricks – and while I had a bad day yesterday I am a bit more human today.  I mean, I’m sitting up typing, and I actually prepared and ate dinner.  Zowie.

So, on with the motley.  The very hot, humid motley.  I really can’t describe how disgusting it is, or how enervating, or how bad-tempered it makes people feel.  The big fluffy Maine Coonie cats are feeling it too – I think I might give them poodle cuts next summer – any ideas?  So yep, it’s too darn hot.

. . . . . . . . . .

Next up; some foodie and recipe type posts.  Also the heap of book and film reviews I’ve been promising.  I’ll get there … sometime.

Ooh ooh and also, we’re all on babywatch for Dave over at!  Too too exciting!

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  • Dave  On Monday 11 February 2008 at 6:37 pm

    You clearly need to move east!

  • Scary  On Tuesday 12 February 2008 at 10:20 am

    Your name hasn’t been coming up as a link on my blog, but I figured out how to find you.

    Something I have always wanted to ask an Australian – if it is 35C around Christmas time, how does Santa’s sleigh run? Doesn’t he get hot in his big black boots?

    Next question – how do you manage to post when you have a migraine? I get them but I can’t imagine five weeks of one.

  • otterkat  On Tuesday 12 February 2008 at 1:03 pm

    Dave – how FAR east? Melbourne and Brizzy have been just as bad weather-wise as Perth this year; lucky for Beth she’s heavily pregnant in cold Ireland not hot sticky humid Queensland, eh? How’s she doing? She must be fed up and damn well ready to have this baby by now!

    Scary – thanks so much for your comment! I’m just loving your blog and pics. My fave set has to be the one where you on Cheyenne are taking the horses up to the mountains … *sigh* would love to be there.
    Viz Santa – he wears shorts and thongs of course, with an esky of tinnies close at hand, and the sleigh is drawn by six white kangaroos, apparently.
    What triggers your migraines? They really are vile things; it’s difficult trying to function with one’s head exploding out one’s temples, a numb face, and eyes doing hippie trippy stuff.

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