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Horse tales

Enough of the pity party – you can all come back now!  Thank you very much for the comments though.  On to more fun things …

I think I had my first ride on a pony when I was about three years old; a small black Australian stock pony owned by the farmer’s kids a looooooong way up the road from our farm.  Jedda, I think she was called.  I rode her again, properly, several years later and she was a firecracker, brilliant fun.  For the next several years I had occasional pony rides at fairs, and even a few lessons when I was eight; we were living in Kent, England at the time.  Then when I was twelve my mother finally gave in and let me have lessons, thinking the horsey-bug would soon wear off after a few falls and a lot of dust and muck.

Quite the opposite, unfortunately.  I progressed in lessons relatively quickly, moving up through the ranks, changing riding stables a couple of times, riding once or even twice a week until I was eighteen.  As well as riding stables I helped out at an agistment place, feeding, mucking out and exercising horses owned by other luckier people than I.

I got to know some amazing characters in that time – human and horse, but it’s the horses I remember best. Continue reading


Hi-Yo Silver, awaaaaay

Well I’m back – not that I’ve actually been anywhere; the last few weeks have been pretty bad health/pain-wise [as in, worse than the usual status quo “bad”] and I haven’t felt much like posting.  Time spent at the laptop has mostly been aimless web-surfing and drooling over yummy food I don’t have the energy or appetite to make. 

Also desperately craving … well various other things.  When one is in so much pain one can’t bear to be touched, certain activities become quite impossible.  You know, like opening screw-top jars and scrubbing the kitchen floor, things like that.  Things that give me pleasure and are fun and … ahhh feck it; you know, I really can’t include scrubbing the kitchen floor in that group, not even to maintain a weak analogy.

So life has been a bit tough of late, and I’ve been pretty depressed about everything … Well to be honest I’m pretty much always a bit depressed, it’s impossible not to be when circumstances and consequences thereof are so beyond my control and I’m always in screaming pain, but there are times when my strength to deal with it and keep myself “up” simply fails and I fall in an emotionally wobbly heap.  Life is just not fair. Continue reading