Brain dump

Well the last couple of months have been a bit of a write-off, really.  I had a heap of posts planned for July and August, and see, none of them made it.  Not for want of trying, mind you.  We’ve all been sick, really really really sick.  Tuxedo; the cats; me.  The whole process has been very distressing, tedious and exhausting.  Hopefully we’re all the mend now.

Tuxedo got a nasty ‘flu sometime in July, which developed into an even nastier chest infection, and looked like heading toward pneumonia.  He was off work for two whole weeks, and took another two-three weeks to recover completely, with multiple courses of antibiotics and trips to the doc.  It was definitely the sickest that I’ve ever seen, and the sickest he’s been since childhood, so pretty damn awful.  I did my best to nurse him – and I’m a damn good nurse, plenty of practice! – which I believe helped, but there was plenty of other stuff going on too.

Namely, the kitties.  Yes, cats plural.  We returned from our holiday over at Rotto on 23 June, and on 24 June collected our new baby cat from the airport where he’d arrived all the way from his breeder in Sydney.  He’s a Maine Coon just like Aoife, in fact he’s her full brother; same parents but a different mating.  They’re about six months apart; not what the breeder was intending but the mother cat is a trollop and got out just when she shouldn’t have.  His name is Ruadhàn Tighearnach (pronounced Roo-ahn Teer-nakh, yes another unpronounceable Gaelic name), he’s a red silver tabby with white trim – feet tummy etc – and is exceedingly cute and pretty.  More on him another time.

Anyway while we’d been away Aoife had been in a cattery – recommended by our gorgeous vet, but let me say this; I will never ever put my cat in a boarding cattery ever again no matter what.  I’ll get someone to house-sit, or have them visit the grandparents (my mum and dad, hee), or something, just no contact with miscellaneous unknown cats.

Because Aoife got the ‘flu too, cat flu; even though she’d been vaccinated apparently that only catches about 70% of the bugs, just as in humans.  The poor wee girl was so ill, sneezy and snorty and snuffly, so off to the vet (and again, and again) for check ups and loads of medications.  Just when I thought we were out of the woods and she was starting to improve, Ruadhàn got it.  So more visits to the vet, more meds.  We’ve got very efficient at pilling and pasting cats, the last two months.  Then Eric, the feral/stray rat-catcher extraordinaire we feed and look after, came down with it and the other two relapsed.  Yay.  More meds, more sick cats, more vet bills.  Shit, don’t talk to me about vet bills.

No, don’t talk to me about vet bills as there were lots more to come.  Aoife suddenly contracted … well, something else … exceedingly painful, swollen joints, stopped eating and drinking, just lay flat like a limp bean-bag, basically deteriorated so rapidly there were a few weeks we were sure we’d lose her; even the vet was sure we’d lose her.  Bad, bad time.  So, more trips to the vet (every couple of days, at one point), tests, x-rays, meds and changes of meds.  And so on.  The vet came to the conclusion she was suffering a full-on viral infection with poly-arthropothy (joint pain, rheumatism basically).  Poor baby; we were medicating her, and getting special food and water down her throat by syringe two-three times a day, you can imagine how much she enjoyed that. She is FINALLY well on her way to improving now which is something of a miracle; improvement was very slow at first and it was so hard not to get disheartened, but now, several weeks from the beginning of all this, she’s starting to look and act like herself, a happy chatty sprightly cat  (apart from the fact that all the tests required her to have various bits shaved, so given her coat is so huge and fluffy, makes her look a bit like a poodle after a visit to an apprentice dog groomer).  Talk about relief.  Except for our bank balance, jaysis.  Guess who’s investigating pet insurance?

And in amongst all that, July through August, I was incredibly ill, pain levels way, way, way up, I couldn’t get up out of bed or function normally, bed-bound and screaming, writhing in pain for two months.  So yeah, that was fun.  I should probably have been carted off to hospital in an ambulance but you all know how much I hate those places.  Although, it might have been kinder to Tux who was having to cope with such a sick wife and the ailing menagerie.  I don’t know, he seems to miss me when I’m not around, even when I am puking and whimpering, who can explain that?

But I’m picking up too, very very slowly, and yep it’s disheartening but I know I’ll get back to what passes as “normal” for me eventually, and of course seeing all the kitties getting better is a relief.  Oh, somewhere in there I had a birthday, not one of my best, so I’m now 38 or something, really I couldn’t give a fuck.

Also, somewhere in there, relatively recently, we bought a house.  Just like that *snaps fingers*.  ‘Til next time.

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  • Katie  On Tuesday 4 September 2007 at 9:06 am

    Wow, you poor guys! I hope you are all recovered (or recovering!) because being sick is bad enough, but having EVERYONE in the household sick is just awful! I’m so glad Aoife is improving – it must have been a very difficult time for you guys when you weren’t sure if you’d lose her.

    If you get pet insurance, I’ll bet you that your pets don’t ever get sick again! It’s always like that!

    And what’s this about a house? Random! Are you moving into it? Was it planned? That’s so awesome! 🙂 Oh and of course, happy birthday for “somewhere in there”!

  • Dave  On Tuesday 4 September 2007 at 4:58 pm

    Shit, girl, that’s awful. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been. I hope it gets better for you sooner rather than later – a new house will help! Pass my regards on to Mr Tux as well; I hope he’s feeling better now.

    (Btw, I’m liking this WordPress theme…)

  • k0rs0  On Tuesday 4 September 2007 at 8:01 pm

    It could have been worse, we could have run out of vodka…. But I digress at least I was able to make up the lack of a highly celebratory birthday with a white plastic toy cunningly shaped into the form of a computer.

  • otterkat  On Thursday 6 September 2007 at 9:16 am

    Katie –
    We’re all getting better and Aoife is galumphing about like a kitten again and looking so happy and beautiful, what a relief! Talk about a long haul … Yes, I’m certain that IF I sign the kits up with PetPlan or whatever I’ll never need to use it – which wouldn’t be a bad thing! And more on the house next post (am such a tease!).

    Daaaaaaaaaave! Happy belated birthday to you! How’s things in ol’Eire? Lots of love to you and the beautiful B … Glad you like the theme, I like the minimalist and classy look, so unlike my own scruffy style!

  • otterkat  On Thursday 6 September 2007 at 9:18 am

    Hey there k0rs0 aka Mr Tuxedo :). Ahhh yes the cunningly disguised toy did make up for the ickiness of the past month – and then some! You’ll be getting full credit and my two readers full details in the next post – big mwahs.

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