The Fourth Reich – Update

Further to this previous post, I was somewhat horrified to learn that the Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, and now Archbishop Barry Hickey of Perth, Western Australia, have both threatened, under papal order, that any (Catholic) Parliamentarian voting for, or any Catholic supporting the overturning of legislation regarding therapeutic cloning and stem cell research, will be denied communion and EXCOMMUNICATED.

A bit OTT, don’t you think?  Both have denied they meant their comments to “sound threatening”, but as a WA Parliamentarian said, they must be the only ones who think that.  I mean, how else is one supposed to take it?  It’s hardly friendly encouragement.

Australia has always kept church and state separate; it seems “un-Australian” to mix religion and politics/science – unlike the US, and countries such as Ireland with it’s long long history of religious interference in private health issues (and all facets of life), Australia has always seemed fairly even-handed and sensible in this respect.  But this attack on individual thought is of enormous concern;  that even Parliamentarians, who are voted in by “the people” who are of many different races and creeds, are not to be allowed the freedom of having an individual conscience and opinion.

Scary stuff … I do not feel that organised religion and it’s lobbying power should have any say in what goes on in national and global health and science matters; religion and science are not compatible.  There’s a Simpsons episode where a judge rules (something like, I can’t remember exactly) that a restraining order should be applied to science and religion and they should not be allowed within 500 metres of each other …  I could not agree more.

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  • Drona K  On Tuesday 1 July 2008 at 11:32 am

    There is no reason why the Catholic Church should not deny communion and excommunicate these blasphemers and fornicators. The Catholic Church can do anything it wants to its members…remember the Inquisition? In fact, I believe these legislators would be better off being free of this pyramid scheme known as the Catholic Church with its corporate headquarters in the vatican and the Pope as its CEO. Of course much of these funds flowing uphill are now going to defend the pedophilia which is one of the cornerstones of the priesthood. These legislators will be free from deiphagia and genuflexion which becomes more difficult as one gets stiff in old age.

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