Beauty and the beast: Wish list

I have a few products on my beauty radar at the moment – actually more than a few and certainly many many more than I can get in one haul, so purchases will be spaced out a little (um, a lot).  Anything else you’d recommend as a top beauty buy or something I “simply can’t live without”?  Do share.

(NB:  Yes I know these girly entries are incredibly trivial and deal with things that aren’t of global importance, and getting upset over an eye shadow is the height of self-indulgent materialism, but one can’t be deeply serious and contemplate profound issues all the time.  Taking yourself too seriously is the quickest way to earning a good slap – or making life even harder on yourself than it already is.  And if one feels pretty, one can behave pretty, too.)

. . . . . . . . . .


There’s a few more MAC Eye Shadows I want – namely Woodwinked; Antiqued; Steamy; and Scene for more of that smokey eye – both in bronze/green/gold shades and greys.  The MAC Balloonacy “Pandamonium” Eye Shadow Quad of course, which I ranted about several posts back, and won’t be released until September 2007 in Australia – gah.  It has four gorgeous shades from a pearly white though intense violet to a subtle grey-black.  Mmmmm.

I also want to try out the MAC CrèmeStick Lip Liners – automatic lip pencils which look creamy and have great shades.  I’ve always stayed away from lip liners as my lips are quite full and defined enough already, thanks (I was bullied mercilessly at school about my “fish lips”; now everyone’s getting lip injections and buying kilos of Lip Plumpers, mwahaha) but they do look good under lip gloss for depth of shade.

Then I really want a highlighter, in powder or cream formula.  I just don’t know which one.  I don’t do bronzer; I’m so very very pale that tanning of any kind is out, it just looks wrong on me and I’ve accepted the pale (not so much of the interesting, though) look.  I wanted to try MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finish Powder in Lightscapade but they were sold out before they were even released in Australia.  Major bums.  So it’s a toss-up between MAC’s Cream Colour Base in Pearl, though I have no idea how idiot proof the CCBs are, and NARS’ highlighter powder in Albatross (a goldy-white shade).  A friend recommended Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick in Apricot, but this would be lowest on my list as it might be getting a wee bit toward Shimmer Brick Face territory as opposed to highlighting/illuminating.  (Shimmer Brick Face = think Posh Spice-Beckham and other celebutantes who are doused in the stuff, not just dusted.)

Shu Uemura from Strawberrynet is way up on my list, particularly a bunch of the yummy buttery intense eye shadows, plus I have my eye on a couple of the Lolishine Rouge lipsticks; they seem to be divine shades and I adore the “floating” appearance of the product within the clear minimalist packaging.  Yes I am a packaging whore, how’d you guess?  As everyone knows I’m a sucker for a compact and Shu makes mini and large refillable compacts for the eye and cheek colours, that way one can de-pot colours and create personalised quads and palettes but they’re not available through Strawberrynet.  WAH!  I may have to try and get a friend in the UK or US to send me a care package!

. . . . . . . . . .


Well … Thank goodness for Strawberrynet where you can save from $5 to $60 on products from make up to skincare; the biggest savings are definitely on skincare.   I’ve got into a new line, M D Skincare, which is available at Mecca Cosmetica and on Strawberrynet, it’s a good sensible dermatological line with simple packaging and lots of yummy antioxidants and things.  I’ve tried a bunch of products and they’re all impressive; I have bought the Firming Eye Lift and although I am deeply sceptical about eye creams in general this one has made a difference to lines around the eye, not that I’m heavily wrinkled but hey, I want to have good skin and go on looking less than my age for as long as I can because I’m not letting a knife anywhere near my face that’s for sure (when I went to the dermo in January he said I had the skin of a 25 year old and since I’m hitting 38 in a few months I’m rather proud of this; the joys of not having sun-tanned or smoked – well, much – in my youth).

The difference in price is phenomenal.  Here’s a few products I want to get, with the RRP at Mecca Cosmetica and what they’re going for at Strawberrynet – not to mention Strawberrynet gives an additional 5% discount if you buy three items or more, plus extra bonuses for new and returning customers. 

        Philosophy Hope In A Jar Moisturiser:  Mecca Cosmetica = $70.00;  Strawberrynet = $48.00

        Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Kit:  Mecca Cosmetica = $140.00; Strawberrynet = $80.00

        M D Skincare Maximum Moisture Treatment:  Mecca Cosmetica = $75.00;  Strawberrynet = $48.00

        M D Skincare Water Resistant Sunscreen With Vitamin C SPF 30.  This is one of those fab products that isn’t available in Australia because of some dumb import rule, but apparently it’s fantastic, and with extra skin care benefits with a decent high SPF (I don’t go lower than 30) how could I say no?  It would be about $90.00+ if available with the rest of the line at Mecca, and comes in at about $40.00 at Strawberrynet.

Bit of a difference, non?  I’ll still go to Mecca for other items and their fabulous service, but loyalty only goes so far, I’m afraid.  The skin care items will be the first items crossed off the Wish List and then the Shu eye shadows and lippie.

The final jones is for a couple of L’Occitane’s cult products, namely the Almond Shower Oil and the Shea Butter Hand Cream.  These are positively dreamy and although a tad pricey (around $55 each I think – eek!) they last for ages and are well worth the extra dollars when stacked up against other chemist and skin care lines.  I will have to get these from David Jones or MYER (maybe the same time I’m on a MAC trawl) as Strawberrynet doesn’t carry the Shower Oil – it’s far too popular I suspect.

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