The Fourth Reich – the Catholic Church

I had a couple of other posts scheduled, but when I spotted this and my entire brain twisted itself into a little ball and exploded with supernova-like rage, I had to postpone them and have a wee rant instead.   Translation:  Jules totally lost her shit.  (I’m not even going to start on the abortion issue and the recent court ruling in the USA that takes away a woman’s right to control her own damn body.)

To sum up, Archbishop Angelo Amato, secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and second-highest ranking official in the Vatican, stated (among other delightful things) that homosexuals and gay marriage were evil, perverse, and against nature (my italics).  This is just the icing on the cake after many speeches from the Vatican and the new Pope Benedict XVI denouncing homosexuality.  Before becoming Pope, then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (what a charming name) called homosexuality a “moral evil”.  He has also recently attacked the Italian and Spanish government for introduction of legislation that would make it possible for homosexual couples to marry and have children.

This is the kind of hypocritical, judgemental, loathsome, intolerant, ignorant, thoroughly vile trash that made me give up on organised religion in utter disgust. 

How any modern educated human being can read/hear this kind of horseshit and stay with the church and Christianity in general is beyond me.  You’re a traitor to whatever you stand for, if you continue to support the Catholic Church in anything after this announcement. 

Okay so this rant is directed at Catholics and other fundamentalist nutjobs who support this view; if you have faith and like to read the Bible and learn lessons on tolerance and how to treat human beings, and want to develop your own personal spirituality, good for you.  But PLEASE speak out about this, and make it clear you don’t support this particular stance.

And why bring nature into it?  I see the connection, yes, if God created the universe and all the plants and animals and mankind (who are not animals, oh nooooo), then he basically created “the natural world” and everything that goes on in it.  Like viruses that kill, parasitic worms that burrow into the brain and kill slowly, bacteria in milk, necrotising spiders, vector born diseases; all natural, just not “nice”.  So pasteurising milk isn’t natural?  Vaccinating against smallpox and eradicating cholera isn’t natural?  Setting broken limbs certainly isn’t natural – better stop doing that too.  The logic is somewhat flawed. 

(Tuxedo was inspired to write a new verse for “All Things Bright and Beautiful”)

All thing bright and beautiful / All creatures great and small

All things wise and wonderful / The lord God made them all

Tux continues –

Tapeworm in the intestines / E Coli in the food

AIDS in the parents / It’s in the poor kids too

And of course there’s dirty filthy S-E-X, from rampantly dividing cells to promiscuous plants, from orgies of sex-changing frogs to sex-crazy pygmy chimpanzees (bonobos) and dolphins, and the fact that just about every single mammal – and probably reptiles and amphibians too but I’m not as clear on that – engages in homosexual behaviour and activity.  Huh.  That’s the natural world for you. 

As for evil and immoral – well here I go a little crazy.  EVIL?  The Catholic Church even fucking DARES to call someone else evil?  A bullet point summation is all that is required:-

         World War II:  The Catholic Church’s involvement with the Nazis and SS in the “Final Solution”  (Note:  Ratzinger himself was a member of Hitler Youth – supposedly and “unenthusiastic member” but how do we know?  Because those Nazis were great at the ol’ record keeping, look at the mountain-high paper trails and world-wide publicity of the death camps, and the indexed file cards of all those Swiss Bank Account numbers and artefacts that are just at someone’s fingertips …)

         Northern Ireland Troubles (beginning in the 1600’s and continuing unabated to the current time)

         Abuse of young boys and girls by priests, Christian Brothers, nuns et al and the protection of said priests, Christian Brothers, nuns et al

         Pogroms throughout Europe, every century or so

         Witch-burnings throughout the 10th-14th Centuries

         Discrimination against women and treatment of women as second class citizens

         The Crusades

         Slagging off other religions

         And so on.

Not a good record is it?  Not particularly moral or humane?  Whatever happened to “treat every man as a brother”?  Or “All men are equal in the eyes of God”?  Pogroms, persecution, witch-burning and gassing millions to death then covering up the evidence are episodes of which the Catholic Church should still be deeply ashamed. 

Wouldn’t it be much more useful to take a vow of never persecuting another human being because of their sex, religion or gender preference rather than a vow of celibacy?  Surely calling gays evil and immoral is against the Bible’s main teachings of tolerance and love? 

ARGH.  The more I think about this the angrier and closer to total meltdown I get and the more difficult it becomes to stay on topic and not go off on a CAPS-DRIVEN DIATRIBE.  So I’ll just leave it there. 

(with thanks to Tuxedo for the heads-up, title, trying to keep me coherent and his hymn-composition skillz) 

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