Beauty and the beast: Rants

I have quite a number of “beauty notes” tumbling around in my head – things that are pissing me off, things I love, product reviews, recommendations, all that.  Just nothing substantial enough to make an entire post – so herewith a batch of rants and raves.

I am really pissed off about the MAC Special Collections that are released seasonally or every month or so, because while they are – of course – available all over the US they are not available here, at least not at the same time and sometimes never appear.  Take an example – the Icon/Raquel Welch collection (highly disappointing I might add) was released in Australia at around the same time as in the US; the Balloonacy collection was then released a month or so later in the US but will not be released in Australia until September.  What’s the use of that?  Especially when all the talk on beauty blogs has one jonesing for the “Pandamonium” eye shadow quad (wanna wanna want it NOW).   

Then there’s the new Mineralize Skin Finish foundations and powders, which are apparently very nice indeed; they’ve been out in the US for some time but are only just in – or will be soon – in Australia , and the best of the lot, the Lightscapade Skinfinish powder, a gorgeous swirly gold/pink baked powder I was drooling over and counting on for a highlighter, was sold out before it was even released.  How is that possible?

I understand the marketing behind creating hype and “lemmings” over special collections and limited editions – Chanel is a master (mistress?) at that – but the MAC seasonal and special collections aren’t quite the same.  I doubt we’ll even get to see the Danse or Moonstruck collections here at all; I can do without the Barbie one though I’m sure there are girlies out there who are devastated they can’t get their glitter-coated hands on it.

I also have to raise a wail of “Oh Sephora wherefore art thou?”.  There’s thousands of them in the US, in Europe now and only a matter of time until they stretch to the UK; the Sephora online store is fabulous but do they ship to Australia?  No, no they do not.  Australia would be a major niche market, there really isn’t a cosmetics/skincare store/franchise of that nature; yes, there’s department stores, and chemists, and the very special Mecca Cosmetica which kind of fits the Sephora niche but it is small with a teensy range.  I’m sure with all’s infrastructure and profit it would be easy to set up an international online store.  It would definitely pay; there isn’t an Aussie girl I know who weeps when USAns mention Sephora and their delicious make up and skincare hauls.

In fact, Australia has a major lack of brands and ranges in general.  We have the big high end stuff, YSL, Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder and it’s zillion syndicates; we have the inexpensive lines like Revlon, Rimmel, Cover Girl, Maybelline and others, but where are the in-betweens, the funky, the cute and cool?  Where are, in fact, the Smashboxes, Urban Decays, Tartes, Too Faceds, and of course where is the absolutely divine, delicious, amazing quality and fabulous minimalist yet adorable packaging that only the Japanese can manage – where is shu uemura?

Oh SURE, there is, and I do thank the goddesses and marketing geniuses who set that up, but while there are heaps of lines available, the ranges are never complete, and often just a few lonely, discontinued or unloved products floating sadly about.  I really, really, want to see and be able to try on the entire range of shu, have fun, go mad (I WANT SHUS!).  As it is, will be receiving some of my hard-saved dollars and I will be grateful, but I will continue to long for the day when I can play with paints and powders and pretty colours to my heart’s content.

What is very odd and frustrating to me is how some products in lines otherwise available don’t make it to Australia at all.  Examples that really leap at me are Bobbi Brown skincare (why? When the other Estee Lauder syndicates, Clinique, MAC, Origins, have full skincare lines), Neutrogena cosmetics (we only get the body and bath range, and nowhere near the full line at that), and M D Skincare and dermalogica sunscreens.  Yes that’s right, just the sunscreens are unable to make their way in, because the FDA classifies them as a drug, of all things.  I would have thought that given the huge number of cosmeceuticals and snake oils about, one or two extra wouldn’t make a difference.  Especially as they are excellent sun protection products and if there is one thing Australians need it is more good quality skincare with real benefits plus exceedingly high sun protection.  Maybe it has something to do with how SPFs are calculated, I’ll have to do some research, but it’s still ridiculous.  (especially as one can get around it by ordering from the aforementioned or other sites).

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