All well here – unfortunately though I had a bit of a “relapse”.

The procedure I had three weeks ago – the unpleasant and expensive invasive procedure on my neck to kill nerves in order to give me some relief from agonising pain – was pretty much a qualified success and I was beginning to feel some relief for the first time in YEARS even; I was able to decrease my high doses of painkillers (morphine), and I was able to venture out shopping and socialising for the first time in some months.

Until one day I had to take the bus (to a specialist’s appointment, ironically).  Unfortunately for me the driver on the date and route quoted above was atrocious.  He braked heavily approximately every 30 seconds even though the traffic was not heavy and he was in no danger of hitting other vehicles.  He had an unhealthy relationship with the brake pedal, causing passengers and their baggage to slide out of their seats, grab for safety rails, and I also noted a couple of school-children narrowly avoid chinning themselves on the seats in front. 

As for me I experienced constant whiplash effects from the excessive acceleration and braking.  By the time I staggered off the bus somewhere on Kings Park Road I was in extreme pain and had to vomit behind the nearest tree.

So it was back to a state of extreme agonising pain and lots of yukky drugs again.  Can you fucking believe it?  I am just so pissed off and depressed.  I didn’t go through a gross (and expensive) procedure to have some moron of a bus driver bugger me up all over again grrrrrrrrr.  Needless to say I wrote a scorching letter to the public transport authority and if I have lasting damage I’ll damn well sue. <g>

Tux has been a tower or strength through it all, even taking a couple days off here and there (his work are absolute angels about it; although they do get their pound of flesh out of the poor pet) to look after me and ferry heat packs, ice packs and quantities of drugs.  Mmmmm.

I’m starting to pick up once again, and have bought myself one of those groovy foam “NASA” memory pillows, so we shall see if that helps support my poor ol’ neckio.  I ventured into the city yesterday for a bit of shopping/errands and although I had to sleep all day today to make up for it, I’m otherwise fine.  We’re even planning a proper “date night” for tomorrow night – dinner and movie with drinkies at Fibber McGees (in Leederville) – hooray! 

In the meantime – a pox on all filthy bastard bus drivers (except the good, nice ones, who deserve medals, and who I ALWAYS ALWAYS thank).

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