An inconvenient truth

Al Gore’s documentary (now Oscar-winning!) An Inconvenient Truth makes totally compelling viewing; it is difficult to quantify why, given it is “just” a movie of one man giving a slide show.  However, with Gore’s passionate commitment to the issue of global warming, climate change, and the challenges and opportunities we face, as well as the voice-overs narrating Gore’s personal journey that intersperse the slide-show, the viewer is drawn in and becomes deeply involved in the subject matter.  Anyone who is left un-moved – or unconvinced – by the factual account (how many reviews have I read that accuse Gore of hysteria and lack of facts?) must be made of stone.  Not to mention, being totally uncaring of what will happen to their own descendants.  

The title comes from the text of the movie, where Gore outlines the problems with marketing the changes in policy and attitude required, and why it continues to be ignored; because it is “an inconvenient truth” that those in administration, government and industry simply do not want to acknowledge.

Classic behaviour of the collective ostrich with it’s head in the sand.

The big question in my mind at the end of the movie was; WHY DO USANS HAVE SUCH A PROBLEM WITH REALITY?

They love “reality” shows – how many bullshit reality shows are there on air, in production and what more can they possibly come up with?  There seems to be two basic types of reality show – the shows which feature “real people” dealing with “real issues” (people living together, fat people, people in relationships, people with badly behaving dogs); and total suspension of belief reality shows, where people try to become stars – Idol, Project Runway, Next Top Model, Dancing With The Stars, whateverthefuckelse.Neither type has anything remotely real about it.  Its all uber-produced from the very beginning planning stages to interviews/auditions of entrants selected for drama onward, super-staged, edited to fuck, and FAKE.

I’m getting to the point here … honest.

As a natural progression, from real/unreal, fact/fiction, Yanks also have difficulty discerning the difference between fact and theory.  The Really Big examples, Creationism, the Bible, Christianity, all that shite, is THEORY.  Okay so personally I believe it’s a particularly badly thought out brand of fairy tale, but basically it is a THEORY.  Yet Yanks treat it as irrefutable FACT.

Then take something like climate change-global warming.  All the research, scientists, physical evidence, thousands of articles and world-shattering events (hurricanes, tsunamis, drought, water shortages, drowning polar bears) can not and will not ever convince Yanks that global warming is FACT.  IRREFUTABLE INESCAPABLE FACT.  Yet the media talks about it as a “theory” and gets all shitty about Al Gore being hysterical and scare-mongering.

Forget the war on terror; what the US Government and Media is waging is a War On Truth, Facts And Reality.

And why is it do you think, that the part of Gore’s movie that elicits the most gasps and “ooohhhh nooooo’s” from audiences is an ANIMATED piece of a polar bear trying to climb on a tiny ice floe, having it shatter, then swimming on to oblivion.  The ANIMATED bit elicits the strongest reaction – not the scenes of planetary/nationwide devastation and impact.  A cartoon polar bear.  That’s fucked up and illustrates (sorry, my bad pun, didn’t mean it) precisely USAns relationship with fact and fiction.  They cannot deal with the real stuff, are incapable of comprehension; but turn it into a cartoon and then and only then do they get it.

You might think I’m just ever-so-slightly anti-USAn?  Ya think?  Given the attitude of the US administration to the rest of the world it’s highly unsurprising.  In comparison to what the EU is doing to address the problems of climate change and global warming and energy shortages, the USAs modus vivendi of sticking their fingers in their ears and going ”lalalalala” is pretty outrageous.  And YES I am aware that Australia is the only other “developed” nation in the world, along with the US, that has NOT signed the Kyoto Protocol, the international treaty on climate change – well, that seriously pisses me off, and Australia’s attitude to environmental change and the severe problems the country is facing already will be in for a rant all it’s own, believe me.

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  • Kosmos Agamemnon  On Thursday 19 April 2007 at 11:58 pm

    I have my own idea for a reality show, its called I wanna watch the TV idle, where it depicts an average US nuclear family huddled around a TV set watching reality TV shows just like they would be in real life

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