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Who needs nerves anyway? Just freeze the bastards!

Ack, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?  (one of these days, I will *not* commence a post with words to that effect … )   I’d like to thank all the lovely people who’ve left comments and emails here and also over on Tux’s blog – I *will* get back to you all, especially those of you with questions/commiserations about ye lovely Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  It’s great hearing from people with the same issues … I’m just really sorry I have been so slack in returning your good wishes and answering questions, all of which have helped immensely;  I know I’m not the only person out there dealing with this stuff!

The past few months have been tough ones here at Otterkat – I’ve been pretty well chained to the bed in excruciating pain, attempting to keep the pain levels down with the usual suspects (painkillers, hot packs, cold packs, stretching, massage, positive thinking).  Even extremely high levels of pain killers barely kept things under control – and positive thinking becomes a little difficult when one is reduced to a sobbing, screaming, writhing mess, beating one’s head against the wall – and not in a fun way.  Hospitalisation was not an option this time round – I found the experience way too exhausting and depressing last May/June, and all the nurses/docs can do is give me more of the same painkillers I’m on anyway.  And then wake me up every half hour to tell me to go back to sleep. No thank you.  I’d much rather be in my own (admittedly dingy rental) flat, in my own comfy bed, with gorgeous and helpful husband and cute and fluffy kitty for company.  Why feel even shittier than I do already by going into a hospital ward?

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