News round-up

The big HURRAH!!! this week was obviously the Democratic Party in the US’ take-over of control in the House of Reps AND the Senate – huuuuuge W00t.  Can one possibly hope that some decent legislation will be ratified?  Crap legislation amended or thrown out? (anything to do with gay marriage and the teaching of “intelligent Design” *coughsplutter ohdearfuck* in schools) … maybe even a teensy weensy impeachment? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

The resignation of Ronald Dumbsfeld was the icing on the cake.  V.G.

Thank you, Murkans, for doing something right, for once, and not causing the rest of the world to groan in abject disbelief and horror.  Just don’t screw it up.

. . . . .

It seems to be every blooger’s responsibility to comment on either/or a) the Democrats’ victory; b) Britney Spears’ filing for divorce.  To the latter I can only say how surprise and shocked – SHOCKED I tell you – that this has occurred.  Was positive that this would be a lasting fulfilling successful relationship, untainted by money/success/faux celebritydom. 


Personally I believe the white-trash Spears was paid (in Cheetohs?) by the Republicans to make the announcement this week in an attempt to re-direct some of the news/blogging coverage from their humiliating defeat.

. . . . .

I was saddened by this morning’s news that Belinda Emmett had passed away at the age of 32 after a long fight with breast cancer.  There is some irony of her dying only days after October, Breast Cancer Awareness month.  While not a fan of her soaps or video shows she was a brave young woman who fought a damn good fight and worked hard and successfully to raise Australian women’s consciousness of breast cancer and research, long before Kylie was diagnosed.  Kudos Belinda; and sympathies to her husband and family. 

. . . . .

I hate this AIDS ad (pinched from Pharyngula).  Practicing different sexual positions does NOT result in automatically acquiring AIDS, for the love of little furry shagging animals.  I do not like that implication one teensy bit, it’s ignorant and misleading and backward.  Which pretty much sums up the US’ sex ed policy.  Teens already believe oral sex isn’t *real, actual* sex.  Now, they’re being told that “Hey we won’t get AIDS if we only do missionary!”  It’s somewhat reminiscent of nineteenth/early twentieth century views of not getting pregnant the first time or up against a wall.  

Maybe if there’d been some way of showing that each of the 20 was with someone different and sans condoms.  Otherwise – BAH.  Stupid fucking Yanks getting it all wrong again.

(Also, is it bad that I could not resist going “check”; “check”; “check”.  And me a staid married lady!)

. . . . .

Each year on Anzac Day and Remembrance Day my brother – who lives way out in the wheat belt area – goes around to all the services at the tiny farming communities to play the bugle.  For a couple of weeks prior to 25 April or (as per today) 11 November he can be found sneaking out to lonely paddocks at 4 am to practice his Last Post and Reveille-ing.

My brother has a truly mind-boggling musical talent – an orchestral-soloist standard trumpet player in high school, he can also play all other woodwind and brass instruments, classic, rhythm and bass guitar, and is a sound mixing genius.  And the only time he uses his talent are at his twice-yearly gigs for old Diggers.  And rehearsing to canola, wheat and the occasional sheep.

. . . . .

These last few weeks have completely kicked me in the butt, health-wise.  The weather is so changeable (Perth’s version of “Spring”) and humidity has rocketed.  Gross.  So I’ve been dealing with lots of neck pain – good old occipital nerve pinch-a-rama time, muscle spasms, and headaches so bad I can’t see properly.  Tra la la.  I’ve had a hotpack permanently fixed to my neck/shoulders and an icepack frozen to my forehead … I wonder if somewhere in the middle the temperature balances out?

. . . . .

As always I’m ecstatic the weekend is here again; in this household that means marathon sessions of Night Fall and the prospect of the next episode of Battlestar Galactica (Season 3).  The season so far has been pretty incredible, what with the best space battle scenes ever, life on basestars, and Starbuck in full-on Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder mode.  This show gets better and better … 

A very moderate and unbiased post on the show is in the works (muffled fangirl SQUEEEEEEs).

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  • Dave  On Monday 13 November 2006 at 9:51 pm

    I never watched Home and Away when Belinda Emmet was on it, so I’d never seen a pre-cancer pic of her until I had a look around Google image search yesterday. It’s awful, awful, awful and, even though I liked Steve Irwin somewhat more than you, I do feel that Belinda’s struggle with cancer and her death at such a young age should be of far more importance to the average Australian than one man’s freakish death at the hands of a stingray.

  • Dave  On Monday 13 November 2006 at 9:52 pm

    Stingrays don’t have hands, Dave.

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