Beauty and the beast: MAC holiday sets

Every year MAC comes out with a Holiday Collection; they’re a great way of trying out new colours/combinations in a very pretty palette.Generally, however, I give these a miss as while they are in extra-purty packaging they tend to include few shades/palettes I would use regularly – and the colours I like I have already!The exception was a 2004 palette which held a great combination of purples, which gave me the opportunity to try some great shades and eventually expand my collection with some groovy bold colours.

This year, though, MAC has totally outdone itself.A HUGE group of lip, eye and brush palettes and sets, all totally wish list worthy.All of them have excellent shade combinations, and absolutely fabulous packaging in stylish black metal compacts and clutches with fabric effect/detail (an extra draw if you happen to be a total packaging whore … like me). The mini brush sets are amazingly good value as full size brushes retail from around AUD$40.00 up, and here you get four or five for around AUD$100.00.Great for travel and starting or extending your make up brush collection (yes I know how important this is for the boys out there).

MAC Holiday/Formal Black has been available for a few weeks already in the US; they’ve just been released in Australia (30 October) and are running out the door.Me, I have been totally jonesing the Warm and Smoky Eye Palettes – each palette has six must-have shades in a gorgeous beaded black metal compact, plus the Fringe Brush Set in an ultra-cute black satin cylindrical clutch.Mm mmm.

As three special edition palettes/sets was going to equal a bit of a spending spree, I asked Tux if we could make that my early Christmas present.He said yes – but that he’d give me something extra for Christmas anyway.And this was *before* I gave him his early birthday iPod!What a honey … So I called MAC, had them put a few things away for me, and went into town to check them out.I am SO glad I did as the sales staff told me they’d nearly sold out in pre-sales.Phew.

I bought the Lace Eyes Palette (Warm Shades), the Velvet Eye Palette (Smokey Shades) and the Fringe Brush Set (five basic brushes).

The Lace Eyes palette is a palette of “warm” shades, and houses six pans in a really cute black metal compact, with gigantic mirror (for it’s size anyways) and a mini eye shadow brush.The outside of the compact is covered with lace fabric.The shades are (words from the MAC website): Embark (intense reddish brown), Woodwinked (warm antique gold), Valet (copper with heavy pearl), White Tie (light beige with gold pearl), Sable Wrap (dark olive with dirty gold pearl), and Limo (deep maroon with intense pink pearl). They’re all gorgeous, very wearable, and make up heaps of different looks from casual to full-on drop-dead evening.

The Velvet Eyes palette is the same set-up, featuring shades for a sexy smoky eye, except the fabric on the compact is a velvet effect. The shades are (again, words from the MAC website): Malt(soft pinkish-beige), Vex (soft pale green duochrome with pink opalescent shimmer), Club (muted reddish brown duochrome with green opalescent), Black Tied (midnight black with a silver white sparkle), Satin Taupe (taupe brown with silvery bronze shimmer) and Gentle Fume (dark grey with silver reflects).All shades are absolute winners – there isn’t one I wouldn’t use or make me go “yeccchhh”.

The Fringe Brush Set is a set of five mini basic face, eye and lip brushes in a black satin cylindrical clutch with fringe beading along the flap edge.As well as housing the mini brushes, it’s actually big enough to take the full size MAC brushes – a big plus.

I’ve drooled over and played with the eye palettes and baby brushes since I brought them home, and oh I really like them!So many “looks” can be achieved, the shades are very versatile but have lots of oomph too – no wishy washy wussy stuff here – all MAC’s usual fab finely milled ultra-pigmented shadows.That they are portable and very glamorous is a plus – great for popping into the eensy inefficient evening bag for a night out!

The other sets – eyes, several different lip sets, and mini face and eye brushes – are equally gorgeous and great value.Hurrah for MAC!My love has only increased with this offering.

(The very cute, very gay make up artist at the MAC counter admitted that they were the best holiday palettes MAC’s produced; he also complimented me on my choices, my gorgeous green eyes and amazing lips – and I quote – AFTER I’d made my purchases!Heh.)

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  • Skye  On Thursday 16 October 2008 at 7:58 pm

    When are these palettes out in the UK, and can they be purchased from MAC already?

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