Successful clothes shopping !!!

It is a matter of public record that I have abominable luck in shopping for clothes … and summer clothes in particular.As a result, I haven’t bought any new summer clothes for about five years, have been making do with jeans and miscellaneous T shirts and tanks, and thus was in great danger of pulling a complete “Lady Godiva” look this season.Except without the ankle length tresses; I may be growing my hair but there’s a big difference between wrap-around locks and bouncy shoulder length.

To add to my usual difficulty in finding clothes (size; shape; extremely picky re quality of fabric and manufacture) every garment presented in the shops was raggy, ill made and in vile shades.I had pretty much resigned myself to wearing a Dingo flour sack for the next six months when I gritted my teeth and descended upon Hay St Mall and surrounds a final time; a match to the death.

To my astonishment I met with total success; also much to Tux’s relief who joined me on the excursion.The brave, brave man, risking cerebral haemorrhage and tantrums in the change-room, was an enormous help with suggestions, finding correct sizes, swapping sizes over, and keeping me sweet in between forays with visits to Java Juice (love the Westcoast Watermelon) and Etro Café.You gotta keep the blood sugar up while shopping – especially if you hate shopping for clothes at the best of times.My girly-girl genes extend to make up and skin care goodies but NOT to general clothes shopping; jeans, swimming costumes and much needed items in particular.Gadgets and geekery, on the other hand, oh yes indeed!

I found two boutiques with stuff I could actually wear.Long A-line skirts, swishy and in good quality fabrics; ultra cute lace and cotton tops.SAVED from the burlap sack.Total haul; four skirtsin stylish colours and fabrics (one brown linen; two long flow-y numbers in scrunchable cotton, one in faded peacock blue, one in sage green; one multi-layered brown and cream print chiffon), and a few tops.Best of all, the boutiques have a high turnover and intake of new gear so I can keep an eye out for other bits and pieces.AND a size 6-8 fits just fine although if I lose weight I’ll have to get creative with safety pins! (just as well I always wear nice clean underwear.)

Along the way we picked up a few bits and pieces for Tux The Hero, browsed bookstores and CD shops and all in all had a grand day out.Not ‘alf exhausting though, this shopping lark.

(I didn’t want to add to Tux’s burden by checking out the cosmetic and skin care counters, so will descend on those another day; I have a long list of things to try and things to buybuybuy – ahhh the new summer/holiday lines look so much fun; I also need to stock up on body scrubs, moisturisers and sunscreens.)

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