GAH and glory be: It’s been so very long since I last posted and I suppose I should be going all out with the guilt and self-flagellation, except I seem to have trained myself or just plain lost all semblances of me olde Catholic and Jewish guilt-fests – SUCH a shame.

So what have I been up to … both “nothing much” and “lots”. In the “nothing much” category we have: ill, pain, more ill, fucking sick to death of being ill, not even going to bother getting out of bed I’m ill and in pain wah wah wah. Yep, it’s been a baaad couple of months but as the weather evens out into proper Summer leaving what passes for Spring in Perth behind (winter one day, summer blasts the next; weather changes not fun for joint and rheumatological beastlinesses) I’m doing better.

Which leads us to the lots. To be expanded upon at later dates;-

Girly Stuff – successful clothes shopping !!!; MAC blows my mind (and wallet); summer skin care and body; beauty blogs.

Love And Stuff – on changing one’s name; shopping for one’s beloved’s birthday (wheeee!!! I reckon I’m more excited about his pressies than Tux is – am totally geeking out); on up-coming wedding anniversary; the joys of post-marital sex.

Menagerie – latest news on our Maine Coon kitten; cat shows; the deliberate breeding of unnatural unhealthy animals.

Books Etc – Terry Pratchett’s “Wintersmith”; Dymock’s birthday party; exploding bookshelves.

Food – Still not interested in food; what we’ve been eating.

Rant On – Teen sex in the USA – chastity pledges, oral sex, hooking up games, general hypocrisy and fucked-upedness.

Check back here soon – I promise! (I can’t write much today as my eyes are going totally bonkers and I can’t focus on the screen or the keyboard) (I have vertical nystagmus and some days it goes totally out of control and my eyes ping around like SuperMario or an old fashioned pinball machine – highly disconcerting to any observer not to mention waaaay spinny for me).



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