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Geeking out

Shopping for Tux’s Birthday

If there’s one thing I love more than shopping for gadgets and generally geeking out, it’s shopping and geeking out for someone else.

It is Tuxedo’s birthday in over three weeks time but I’m already totally organised – a trifle OCD perhaps but a couple of gifts just may have required ordering/internet shopping and it’s always best to overcompensate.  Three fantabulous presents, each of which *I* would like to have (in my mind, that’s the best present, to give something that YOU want) (well obviously, only if you have the same tastes) (I remember only too well my brothers giving me Bruce Springsteen albums when I wanted ***blush well I was only thirteen!*** Duran Duran).

Two out of three presents are sheer divine geekery and I’m DYING to give them to him!  I don’t know how I can possibly wait until his actual birthday to hand ‘em over.  In the meantime I’ll tease him a little; just as he teased me about MY birthday present.   One of them he kinda knows about, as he’d particularly requested it and I pay attention to people’s wish lists (hint, hint); the other two he has no idea about and the second gadget of goodness will be a total surprise, I know. 

When I went shopping for it, and really ever since, I’ve been bouncing up and down going “Ooh! Ooh!”.  The sales-guy at the shop was most amused – also kinda impressed because I knew my stuff (research is a wonderful thing – from Amazon to Tom’s Hardware to … well that’d be giving it away).  Mind you it IS pretty speccy and the sales-guy said he wished HIS girlfriend would buy him a *coughcoughsplutter* instead of shirts and sweaters and shit.  Am I more excited than he?  At this moment, yes, I am.  Such a kid.

I geeked out even further that day when I slipped into the SONY shop for a dekko;  the new Bravia X Series HD Televisions are pure mind-bogglingly gorgeous – and the prices have dropped considerably.  Best of all this series can be run through one’s computer so you can play DVDs et al from there – extra-nice if one happens to have a massive wireless surround sound system – which previous HD iterations did not support.  Woohoo!  Guess we better start saving for that now, too …


Okay so I folded.  Couldn’t hold out any longer.  Had to give him one of the preciousesss early.  The one he sorta knew about … Because he really was aching for it what with missing his beloved iPod (which died some months back, was resurrected briefly when he deliberately dropped it on the floor from a measured height, then expired entirely).

One Apple 80 GB iPod, in satin-y black, with a special laser-engraved message on the mirror shiny back.  Sweeeeeet.  And shiny !!!  The new iPods are so much neater and prettier than the earlier ones; not to mention the prices have come waaay waaaay down (at the online store anyway).   Somehow the sound is even better too; I don’t know how that can be, but it is.  The colour/video is very very pretty and the screen to iPod ratio is much larger.   Go Apple !!!  Strangely enough I’ve switched a new iPod further up my wish list.  His n Hers, how vewwy cute.

And Tux?  Is one very very happy boy.  And may well be getting more excited in contemplation of what else is in store for him on 19 November 2006.


Ooh!  Ooh!  Ooh!


South Park and I agree –

Steve Irwin was a dickhead.

There’s been a lot of fuss about the South Park Halloween episode, featuring a bloodied Steve Irwin with a stingray hanging out of his chest.

Via the BBC News Online; John Beyer of Mediawatch called the episode “grossly insensitive”, and that “Mr Irwin’s family are obviously still grieving about their tragic loss and it seems inappropriate to me that South Park should be trying to make some capital out of it. 

“To lampoon somebody’s death like that is unacceptable, and so soon after the event is grossly insensitive and shows a great deal of disrespect for his family.”

Well hello, that’s what South Park DOES, and that’s what lampooning IS.   Get that iron pole out your arse, Mr Beyer.  Nothing is sacred in Entertainment.  It’d be different if his kids were being lampooned; a celebrity is fair game – posthumously or nae.   And to be frank, I totally agree with taking the piss out of Irwin.

In fact, I wrote a post about this a couple of months back (which, because I am not famous and no one reads this) that went totally un-remarked. And there I was, trying to be all sensationalist and shit.

Here’s what I wrote (Saturday 16 September 2006), and I stand by it totally :-

Steve Irwin was a dickhead …

I do not wish to speak ill of the dead, and I feel immense sadness for his wife and kidlets, for them it is a shocking tragedy. To be honest though, and going against the tide of popular opinion (for which I fully expect to be called an unfeeling arsehole), I can’t help but feel that the man was a total dickhead. He took stupid, stupid risks; he got way too close to wild, dangerous animals and so ran the risk of getting hurt, most likely fatally; and he was, rather than the conservationist and environmentalist he’s made out to be, an exhibitionist, a sensationalist, and totally contemptuous of animals and nature.

As soon as I read the reports of his death, I knew – from both the reports and knowledge of stingray behaviour – that he’d got too close, he and his crew had been hassling the creature, and it acted in natural self defence. That kind of behaviour – hassling an animal until it is driven to defending itself – shows a total lack of respect and therefore a great deal of contempt; attributes that are too often seen in the modern world toward the natural world and why the environment and biodiversity is in such a shitty situation. As for educating the masses – no this is NOT the kind of treatment that should be encouraged.

I recall seeing only one Steve Irwin TV segment, and I had to switch off after a couple of minutes at that; he was teasing and taunting a spitting cobra and as the animal repeatedly reared up and spat straight into the man’s eyes, Irwin just casually douched the poison out with a squirt of a water bottle and carried on. What a total bullying bastard; that kind of act does not a conservationist and environmentalist make, even if it does make for good ratings with the LCD in the dumbarse USA.

Give me David Attenborough; now there’s a man who has furthered knowledge and appreciation of animal and plant life on this planet, and always with the total respect and awe owing such treasures. And, after 50 plus years in the business, continues to make programmes that are beautiful and entrancing (and oh, educational as well, how ‘bout that?).

Nice that South Park agrees with me! Of course their spoofs on Tom Cruise etcetera were absolutely divinely up my alley.

So sue me. For being “grossly insensitive” woohoo!

Successful clothes shopping !!!

It is a matter of public record that I have abominable luck in shopping for clothes … and summer clothes in particular.As a result, I haven’t bought any new summer clothes for about five years, have been making do with jeans and miscellaneous T shirts and tanks, and thus was in great danger of pulling a complete “Lady Godiva” look this season.Except without the ankle length tresses; I may be growing my hair but there’s a big difference between wrap-around locks and bouncy shoulder length.

To add to my usual difficulty in finding clothes (size; shape; extremely picky re quality of fabric and manufacture) every garment presented in the shops was raggy, ill made and in vile shades.I had pretty much resigned myself to wearing a Dingo flour sack for the next six months when I gritted my teeth and descended upon Hay St Mall and surrounds a final time; a match to the death.

To my astonishment I met with total success; also much to Tux’s relief who joined me on the excursion.The brave, brave man, risking cerebral haemorrhage and tantrums in the change-room, was an enormous help with suggestions, finding correct sizes, swapping sizes over, and keeping me sweet in between forays with visits to Java Juice (love the Westcoast Watermelon) and Etro Café.You gotta keep the blood sugar up while shopping – especially if you hate shopping for clothes at the best of times.My girly-girl genes extend to make up and skin care goodies but NOT to general clothes shopping; jeans, swimming costumes and much needed items in particular.Gadgets and geekery, on the other hand, oh yes indeed!

I found two boutiques with stuff I could actually wear.Long A-line skirts, swishy and in good quality fabrics; ultra cute lace and cotton tops.SAVED from the burlap sack.Total haul; four skirtsin stylish colours and fabrics (one brown linen; two long flow-y numbers in scrunchable cotton, one in faded peacock blue, one in sage green; one multi-layered brown and cream print chiffon), and a few tops.Best of all, the boutiques have a high turnover and intake of new gear so I can keep an eye out for other bits and pieces.AND a size 6-8 fits just fine although if I lose weight I’ll have to get creative with safety pins! (just as well I always wear nice clean underwear.)

Along the way we picked up a few bits and pieces for Tux The Hero, browsed bookstores and CD shops and all in all had a grand day out.Not ‘alf exhausting though, this shopping lark.

(I didn’t want to add to Tux’s burden by checking out the cosmetic and skin care counters, so will descend on those another day; I have a long list of things to try and things to buybuybuy – ahhh the new summer/holiday lines look so much fun; I also need to stock up on body scrubs, moisturisers and sunscreens.)


GAH and glory be: It’s been so very long since I last posted and I suppose I should be going all out with the guilt and self-flagellation, except I seem to have trained myself or just plain lost all semblances of me olde Catholic and Jewish guilt-fests – SUCH a shame.

So what have I been up to … both “nothing much” and “lots”. In the “nothing much” category we have: ill, pain, more ill, fucking sick to death of being ill, not even going to bother getting out of bed I’m ill and in pain wah wah wah. Yep, it’s been a baaad couple of months but as the weather evens out into proper Summer leaving what passes for Spring in Perth behind (winter one day, summer blasts the next; weather changes not fun for joint and rheumatological beastlinesses) I’m doing better.

Which leads us to the lots. To be expanded upon at later dates;-

Girly Stuff – successful clothes shopping !!!; MAC blows my mind (and wallet); summer skin care and body; beauty blogs.

Love And Stuff – on changing one’s name; shopping for one’s beloved’s birthday (wheeee!!! I reckon I’m more excited about his pressies than Tux is – am totally geeking out); on up-coming wedding anniversary; the joys of post-marital sex.

Menagerie – latest news on our Maine Coon kitten; cat shows; the deliberate breeding of unnatural unhealthy animals.

Books Etc – Terry Pratchett’s “Wintersmith”; Dymock’s birthday party; exploding bookshelves.

Food – Still not interested in food; what we’ve been eating.

Rant On – Teen sex in the USA – chastity pledges, oral sex, hooking up games, general hypocrisy and fucked-upedness.

Check back here soon – I promise! (I can’t write much today as my eyes are going totally bonkers and I can’t focus on the screen or the keyboard) (I have vertical nystagmus and some days it goes totally out of control and my eyes ping around like SuperMario or an old fashioned pinball machine – highly disconcerting to any observer not to mention waaaay spinny for me).