Every day or so I’ve sat down here trying to write an entry but nothing much comes to mind; and then even if it did I was totally incapable of typing anything. As for writing emails and such, fuhgeddaboudit. My brain’s in a state of boiled oatmeal-ishness, bland bland bland. Durrrrr. So this entry is going to be a trifle bitsy.


It’s been almost three weeks now and I still miss her terribly. I see her everywhere, want her all the time. I don’t want another kitty yet (despite the continuing presence of the orange cat*) but I know that I will, soon – I can’t be without the little buggers. Crazy cat lady, here. So I’ve been looking up reputable Maine Coon breeders in the eastern states – NSW and Qld – and making queries as to available babies … so maybe at the end of this year, beginning of next.

* The orange cat is still around, but has been renamed to Erik – as in The Red. Suits his raping, pillaging nature (he’s a cat so that’s a given; oh well). “Pixel” simply didn’t fit, and we mostly called him “that orange bastard”, “Paisley” (a natural progression of “that orange bastard”, from the point of view of Northern Irish politics), “Mister Cat”, “dumbass”, etc. I came up with Erik and it seems to have stuck.

Steve Irwin was a dickhead

I do not wish to speak ill of the dead, and I feel immense sadness for his wife and kidlets, for them it is a shocking tragedy. To be honest though, and going against the tide of popular opinion (for which I fully expect to be called an unfeeling arsehole), I can’t help but feel that the man was a total dickhead. He took stupid, stupid risks; he got way too close to wild, dangerous animals and so ran the risk of getting hurt, most likely fatally; and he was, rather than the conservationist and environmentalist he’s made out to be, an exhibitionist, a sensationalist, and totally contemptuous of animals and nature.

As soon as I read the reports of his death, I knew – from both the reports and knowledge of stingray behaviour – that he’d got too close, he and his crew had been hassling the creature, and it acted in natural self defence. That kind of behaviour – hassling an animal until it is driven to defending itself – shows a total lack of respect and therefore a great deal of contempt; attributes that are too often seen in the modern world toward the natural world and why the environment and biodiversity is in such a shitty situation. As for educating the masses – no this is NOT the kind of treatment that should be encouraged.

I recall seeing only one Steve Irwin TV segment, and I had to switch off after a couple of minutes at that; he was teasing and taunting a spitting cobra and as the animal repeatedly reared up and spat straight into the man’s eyes, Irwin just casually douched the poison out with a squirt of a water bottle and carried on. What a total bullying bastard; that kind of act does not a conservationist and environmentalist make, even if it does make for good ratings with the LCD in the dumbarse USA.

Give me David Attenborough; now there’s a man who has furthered knowledge and appreciation of animal and plant life on this planet, and always with the total respect and awe owing such treasures. And, after 50 plus years in the business, continues to make programmes that are beautiful and entrancing (and oh, educational as well, how ‘bout that?).

Migraines, frozen shoulders, no food please

The last few weeks have been totally pants, health-wise. I really really hope I get a break soon, this is getting incredibly boring and tedious. Pain, pain, every day, and as usual, at extremely high levels that won’t respond to the increasing doses of high-level painkillers I throw at it. And if I don’t take the meds; well yes, let’s say I do notice a difference, best described as AAAAAARRRRGHEEEEEOOOOWNOOOOOOOOFUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKK.

On top of “the usual” I’ve had a frozen shoulder; I don’t know what eejit coined that term because “searing burning shoulder” is much more apt. Except of course the “frozen” refers to the fact that you can’t move the shoulder/arm without the aforementioned searing and burning. Ouch. It’s been a constant round of heat-packs for the shoulder and neck, and ice-packs for the migraine. Oh yeah, the migraine continues into it’s nth week, complete with visual weirdness – think cubist effects, floating spots and sparks and blobs in flashing neon colours. Fascinating. Anyone know of some good migraine meds?  I think it’s time I got into some of them as well. Although I think my bedside drawer may well explode if another card/bottle of prescription drugs is introduced …

All this has been accompanied by a total lack of interest in food; a worrying trend for a foodie. I do not want to cook, have no interest in planning meals and I certainly DO NOT WANT TO EAT. Yeccchhhh. I only know of one sure-fire method of bringing on an appetite, it just happens to be illegal*; any ideas?


*Cannabis drug for MS filed for approval in the UK

A recent report by BBC News (6 September 2006) caused great excitement – for me, anyway – as an under-the-tongue spray called Sativex, based on THC and cannabidiol can now be given to patients suffering from MS in the United Kingdom. License applications have also been filed in Spain, the Netherlands and Denmark, the BBC reported.

And hopefully, Australia too, soon, although that is probably way too much to hope for given ultra-conservative governments (regardless of party affiliation). Cannabis does have a proven, positive effect on many diseases and conditions with muscle and joint problems. Cross fingers that something might be available for EDS sufferers one day.

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  • k0rs0  On Sunday 17 September 2006 at 8:42 pm

    Respect for nature starts by caring for the environment and ensuring that it can support the animals that live within it; Not crazy show-boating and 1-up-man-ship with wild and in some cases endangered species.

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