Crap weekends, fun weekends

Tuxedo and I have just had one of the crappiest weekends in history; poor Tuxedo has had a blinding headache since Tuesday (six days and counting) with weirdo flu-like symptoms, and I’ve been responding to the dismal wet, cold weather in usual uplifting fashion (pain, pain, general blahness, pain).  Talk about the fun couple …. Then over the weekend Tux’s headache got even worse and I’ve been, to put it mildly, somewhat concerned.  He was in truly blinding, debilitating pain with the other symptoms increasing in severity.  Talk about miserable …  I finally reached into my stash and gave him a couple of heavy duty painkillers (sometimes it can be handy, having a chronic illness, one has a wide selection of good Class A drugs) which are controlling the headache so far.  I will be metamorphosing, Hulk-style, into the bossy wife and refusing to let him go to work Monday AND dragging him to the doctor.   As for me, I just hope the weather improves …

We both have to be in tip-top condition for next weekend, you see, as my sweetie of a husband has organised a whole weekend at a posh hotel (honeymoon suite! with Jacuzzi!) for my birthday and it would not do for us to be on anything but the best and most energetic, enthusiastic of form. 

The total bastard – I mean, sweetie of a husband – has been teasing me for months about my present, about which I know nothing … except that it is in a small jewellery-type box (yes, he’s shown me, that’s how much of a bastard sweetie he is).  A dead hermit crab, mayhaps?

Abigail has been booked into a posh hotel too – a really beautiful cattery with a fantastic reputation – our vet recommended it and from the website and chatting to the owner I wonder if she’ll want to come home!  I know she’ll have the very best of care and attention, and be safe, and so long as she has her sheepskin-lined bed and food on time she’ll be content, but I can’t help feeling a mite sad.  Abandoning my baby, wah! And sure it’s only for four days and I’ll be plenty busy (wahey!), but I will still miss her sweet fuzzy face and cuddles.  Waaaaaah!


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  • k0rs0  On Tuesday 1 August 2006 at 6:09 pm

    It’s been a shitty one alright… next weekend should be better…. Now, where did I put that present…. Aha *dangle-dangle*

  • Jules  On Wednesday 2 August 2006 at 5:24 pm

    *swipe* Mrow! Want!

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