Bedroom talk for atheists

I have many favourite reads, brilliant writers and guilty pleasures here on the Internets, but an essential and always fascinating visit is to Pharyngula (link in side bar).  I have learnt so much from PZ Myers; I adore evolutionary biology and his insights into unusual aspects of development biology are addictive, explained so beautifully, carefully and succinctly that I can understand what he’s on about, even though I’m not a scientist (although I have and continue to read a lot on the subject). His Friday pin-ups – of gorgeous and sexy cephalopods – are a draw, as are his battles with moronic creationists and proponents of “Intelligent Design” (more on that can of worms another day).  Makes me proud to be an atheist.

PZ is also very very funny, and gives the best links; this had me rolling about laughing, raising the question of what an atheist should say at those moments of ecstasy in the privacy of one’s own home … (note; not work safe; adult content)


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