Girly shopping

Among the shopping I’ve been doing lately have been a fair whack of unrepentantly girly items. Cosmetics, and clothes.

Clothes first. Jeans are my most most hated item of clothing for which to shop, way more vile an experience than bathing suits or cleaning products for incontinent cats. It seems I can never ever find a pair of jeans that fits, perfectly. I’m not a troll or anything, either; I am an unusual shape as far as the manufacturers are concerned. I’m short – 5’1” or 156 cm, and I’m slender with a teensy waist yet curvy; I’ve got T&A in other words. Thus, I am obviously not the 175 cm stick person Messrs Levi, Lauren et al have in mind. I have two pairs of jeans; one pair of Levis which fit perfectly in the leg, thighs/butt AND waist but which were purchased in Belfast six years ago and are no longer made, and a pair of others that could kindly be described as “relaxed fit” ie they do nothing for my small but womanly bod.

I wasn’t up to going jeans shopping alone and unsupported – my morale and self esteem (and possibly alcohol content) were going to require boosting under those harsh unforgiving change-room lights. I took Tuxedo, who is surprisingly excellent at shopping in comparison with the average hetero male. He even ran around the store finding different brands and different sizes in a brand that might fit. This is another difficulty; even when a pair of jeans says it’s a size 27 (referring to waist, inches), one brand will fall offa you and another will cut off circulation at the knees.

I ended up with a passable pair of mid-blue low-rise straight cut – once they’ve had approximately six inches lopped off the hem I’ll need a belt to rein in the Rift Valley sized gap at the back, but they do sit rather nicely on the arse. If I say so myself. Although Tuxedo’s influence and the hipflask of Bushmills may have clouded my judgement …

Next up was cosmetics! I am a girly girl when it comes to make up and stuff, I love playing with paints and colours; on the other hand I know what suits and I don’t give in to fads or impulse buying (can’t afford impulse buying anyway, even if I was that way inclined, just as well). Recent purchases included foundation and concealer, both by Laura Mercier who makes the best face make up, and a big phoofy brush and powder blush from MAC, who make the best colour cosmetics especially eye pencils and eye shadows.

This time around I went to one of my fave shops, Mecca Cosmetica, a trove of overseas brands not found in Australian department stores and full of goodies. Great staff too and always lots of fun. Tempting, however, so I always go with a strict list … I also had to be quick, because even Tuxedo threatens brain hemorrhage after twenty minutes of eye shadow and lippies.  My planned and executed purchases were a Prescriptives pressed powder, a Stila cream/gel blush and a Stila lip glaze in very pretty and girly shades. Not pink, though, I don’t do pink in any shape or form.

All in all a very pleasing day; I also got some new undies (fairly boring ones) and a rather interesting item from Adultshop. All items mentioned in this post may be reviewed at some time in the future. (I DO want to do a few girly make up reviews and posts ‘cause that’s fun – for me, anyway – and as for the other items, well, you never know you might learn something).


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  • earnestin  On Tuesday 23 December 2008 at 5:16 am

    Interesting Read! Very detailed blog.
    Thanks for sharing

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