R & R

Tuxedo has had the past week off from work, and has next week off too. The poor guy really needs and deserves the break; his company (he’s an IT Engineer/Project Manager) works him incredibly hard, long hours, plus he’s often on call 24/7. That’s the life of an IT guy (whether male or female), but it still sucks.

We’ve been having lots and lots of fun. Apart from me having a couple of bad nights and days to slow us down a bit, we’ve been very busy being lazy and relaxing, generally engaging in quality R&R.

  1. Sleeping in until 10 am, but not necessarily getting out of bed until, say, 3 pm, and being very energetic about it.
  2. Shopping – real, proper shopping, with real money, for real things! Note the previously mentioned new BBQ, Santoku and other sexy chef-y items; several new books and girly cosmetic items for me; new clothes for Tuxedo including a couple pairs of jeans to replace the pairs with large revealing holes; other items yet to be bought include a new desk for Tux, and a bed-tray/table thingie for me on which to place the laptop* so I can have it in bed with me, a new mattress, and some jeans et al for me too. (*I nicknamed the laptop “The Phat-top” when we bought it – it’s a super-size Dell Latitude 600, with all bells and whistles, very powerful and very pretty. The nickname’s really caught on, spawning descriptions for other machines such as craptop and slacktop.)
  3. An extra special present for Tuxedo who is not only an IT-geek but a cycling-geek too; a brand new incredibly gorgeous tri-bike – a Trek Equinox 11 to be exact, carbon fibre, black and very slender and sleek – the frame is kind of blade-like in profile as opposed to the usual tubular format. He’s in love, no question, and pretty much goes from bed to bike (nicknamed Blade) and back again. He was fit and in grrrrreat shape before, but the tri-bike uses different muscle groups and is a much better ride than his ex-bike. I could be jealous, but the amount of love and affection, and physical expression of same that I’m getting gives me no reason for complaint.
  4. Eating out a bit – old faves and a couple new finds, going to the pub, to the movies. We saw A History of Violence the other night which was amazing; I’ll try to post a review but not sure I can do it justice. Really, really amazing movie (and of course, Viggo Mortensen’s presence does no harm). Plans for next week so far involve the additional shopping, catching a showing of V For Vendetta, taking a picnic or two down the river and/or King’s Park, going to the zoo. Couple-y, tourist-y things. We did consider going down south but figured we had enough to occupy ourselves here.
  5. Some boring shite eg, major housework (autumn-cleaning?), and some furniture-moving. We currently have our bed in the larger of the two bedrooms, the miniscule bedroom #2 being my study and general junk-room. The living area not only has the dining table and chairs, sofa, walls of bookshelves and other expected items, but Tuxedo’s control centre (his computers, LCD screens, servers, routers, speaker systems etc), plus my rowing machine and weights, and Tuxedo’s Trek. So we plan to move the bed into bedroom #2 (if it fits) and have that room just for sleeping, and move my desk, the rowing machine and bike stuff into bedroom #1. With luck this will result in more space, or at least the appearance of same, the living room not being so cluttered. We also need to do a bit of work in the genre of “storage solutions” (fucking hate that term but it must suffice) eg, storage bins, vacuum packing spare duvets, clearing wardrobe space, tidying and storing cables and other IT-related ephemera. Gack.
  6. Just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. Well, we always enjoy each other’s company but having it 24/7 is extra-nice. The way we’re acting, you wouldn’t think we were married (see Item #1 above). Good times.


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  • guile  On Friday 19 May 2006 at 6:35 pm

    even with a shaved head, ms portman still looks stunning :)..

  • Melodi  On Friday 5 January 2007 at 11:36 pm

    Hi, You are quite funny, I originally logged on your blog due to Ehlers Danlos. I have this elastic girl syndrome too. I hope everything goes well for you.


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