Burning question of the day …

Why do cats have this freaky predilection for joining one in the bathroom whilst one is peeing? (By the way, do they ever jump up and play with a male human’s “stream” and oh no, not the equipment!) Is it the smell? A need to share a precious moment? I know toms will spray where another boy cat has been, and I think the big cats like to roll in places that have been marked or smell good (wildebeest mud wrap, anybody?), but this?

What’s the thing with domestic cats liking to watch me pee? All my past cats have done it; Abigail in particular always comes into the bathroom and is overtly affectionate, rubbing against my legs and asking for scritches, even rolling around on the floor – but she doesn’t seem attracted to the smell and is scared of the flush. It doesn’t matter when, or how often, I go, even if she is comfortably snuggled up asleep on the bed she has to join me. Even if I’ve had my morning dose of diuretics (for fluid retention) so I have to go about 6 times in a 2 hour period, she’ll come running for each happy event.

All my past cats have done this; other people’s cats do this to me; and I know of other cat-owners who report the same thing.

Could someone please explain this to me– I know there are biologists and Super-Googlers out there.

And what’s with the attraction of my breasts? Abigail doesn’t so much knead, as pummel – quite painfully at times. Surely my round D cups bear little resemblance to a mama cat’s teats? Is it because they’re nice and soft and squishy? Why the totally infantile – almost frantic – “must have boobies now!” behaviour? From a cat? A FEMALE cat? (and why does she mostly go bonkers for them when Tuxedo isn’t around?)

My cat is gay AND a nymphomaniac AND is into cross-species bestiality.

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  • Dave  On Friday 31 March 2006 at 5:06 pm

    Jules, I gotta tell you: the cat/bathroom thing might just be you. And your mates 😛

  • Michael  On Thursday 27 July 2006 at 3:25 pm


    It happens to me too, not sure why, but this is what happens, every time.

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